12 Step Program For Recovery From Drug or Alcohol Addiction

12 Step Program For Recovery From Drug or Alcohol Addiction


We all know that drinking excess alcohol can have long-term effects, and sometimes be life-threatening too if not treated timely. So what treatment suits best during this situation.

Many professionals in addiction treatment centres suggest the 12 step recovery program to overcome alcohol addiction. The 12 step program is the best recovery program, it helps addicts in a way so that they recover from active addiction.

Almost every medical professional like doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists etc. Everyone suggests the Twelve-step program as the most successful recovery method for alcohol addicts. 

Even you’ll find most of the addiction centres treatment is based on the 12 steps program. 

12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Sometimes alcohol addiction recovery is a lifetime process, so understand that there is no wrong way approach. These addiction recovery steps are really effective for treating long term addiction. Even using this program participants can choose a way that works best for an individual.  

Some participants believe that the more they move forward and grow in recovery, they have to reconsider some steps. It is believed that the first three steps of the 12-Step program are the foundation of this program. It is recommended to patients to practice these steps daily.

Now, let see these 12 steps which are defined by Alcoholics Anonymous:

  • Admit that you have an alcohol addiction and your life had become unmanageable.
  • Believe that there is a greater power than ourselves that will restore you to sanity.
  • Make the decision to turn control of your lives to the higher power.
  • Do self-examination and create a moral inventory for yourself. 
  • Confess to a higher power, to yourself and other human beings, the precise nature of your wrongdoings.
  • Completely ready to have higher power to correct all the flaws in your character.
  • Believe and request a higher power to correct all flaws
  • Create a list of wrongdoings done to other beings and be ready to make atonement for those wrongs. 
  • Make contact with those who have been hurt, but make sure doing so will not harm the person.
  • Keep doing self-analysis and admit whenever you do anything wrong.
  • Meditation and prayer will help in seeking connection and enlightenment with the higher power.
  • Keep the message of the 12 Steps with you and share it with others who are in need. 

The Twelve steps objective is to recover from impulsive, wild behaviours and reestablish sensibility and organise your life. It’s a way of seeing that your behaviour is just a manifestation. It’s just like seeing inside yourself to find the actual problem.

How Long Does it Take for the Twelve Steps to Work?

By following the twelve steps of recovery, one needs to understand that there is no timeline. Although the steps are intended to be done in sequential order. However, there’s no wrong or right way to achieve it.
Because sometimes people require a break between steps or spend more time on single-step compared to others. And there are some cases in which a person never stops following the 12 steps, as they become part of their life.

Do the 12 Steps work for everyone?

In some scenarios, a person suffering from addiction is required to be distant from society. By doing so, patients can easily go through intensive, and detoxification treatment in an environment that is temptation free. 

Their will must be strong enough to get well through going to 12 Step gatherings alone. So, if you know someone who is suffering from alcohol addiction. Get them to registered addiction treatment programs that treat addicts with the 12 Steps program. It will be life-changing for them.

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