3 Legal Steps To Take After You Get Injured At Work



Although none of us wants it, it is still a fact that accidents at work happen very often. Then many of us face the fact that we don’t know what to do. Bojat Law Group experts believe we should be familiar with the legal steps to take in these situations. That is why we will draw your attention to some of the things you should do in such a situation.

Work Injury May Refer To Many Things

A work injury is any injury, illness, or death resulting from an accident at work. Bojat Law Group experts remind us that this term also includes any consequence of an unexpected event – including an act of violence that occurred during work or working hours. Namely, all this can lead to injury, illness, or death of a person. By injury at work, we can also consider so-called professional diseases – that is, diseases that occur as a result of prolonged exposure to harmful substances created at the workplace. To be able to compensate for the damage you’ve suffered, it is significant to know which legal steps you should take in such situations.

1. Immediately Inform Your Superiors

Any reliable employer will take care to prevent injuries at work. However, if they do happen, you must inform your superiors immediately. As soon as you do this, you have already entered into a legal procedure that should help you not only in terms of recovery – but also compensation for the damage you suffered as a result of the injury. Your employer has a legal obligation to inform you of your rights and should provide you with further guidance. The experts of Bojat Law Group remind you that you should fill out an official report on the accident that resulted in your injury. Here, you must be careful not to break deadlines for submission – because this is also the way to qualify for compensation, which will be determined in further legal proceedings.

2. Obtain Medical Reports

To prove the resulting injury, this is a piece of evidence that must not be omitted under any circumstances. Therefore, the doctor will write you a medical report about the injury, possible incapability for further work, etc. That is of essential importance, so do not skip this step, even in the case of a minor injury that you can treat yourself. Otherwise, you will not have a solid basis for your claim.

3. Hire A Lawyer

Of course, when it comes to serious work injuries that result in permanent damage, long hospital treatment, incapacity for work, and high expenses – everything counts. That means that in your claim for compensation, you must include all the evidence – and, based on that, assess the amount of your claim. Sometimes this type of settlement with employers or insurance companies is not easily obtained, so it is necessary to hire a lawyer. Bojat Law Group experts point out that it is very significant to find a lawyer with experience in such procedures – especially in cases involving higher compensation amounts.


It is important to point out that the Laws on Safety at Work specify that the employer is obliged to provide the employee with safe work at the workplace. However, one should also bear in mind the fact that in case of an injury at work due to some unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the employer – the employer does not always have to be responsible. To determine the accurate facts and the amount of compensation for an injury sustained at work – be sure to engage experts in this field.

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