4 Ways to Fix a Stinky Garbage Disposal

4 Ways to Fix a Stinky Garbage Disposal



No one likes to deal with a stinky garbage disposal, and the fact is a day in the kitchen should not be suffocating or disturbing. It is enough to deal with the stress of making a meal, but you cannot do that comfortably when the kitchen smells bad because the garbage disposal stinks.

Taking proper care of your garbage disposal is the only way to prevent this. Since the unit takes care of wasted food and makes removal easy, there is a chance of food particles remaining in its grinder, causing decay, and eventually, a stinky smell in the kitchen.

This article will examine the possible ways to fix a stinky garbage disposal. With the tricks below, you learn many home remedies to prevent your garbage disposal from smelling horrible. 

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4 methods to fix a stinky garbage disposal

 1.Use ice cubes to wash away remaining particles

If you are using a garbage disposal with a blade, this remedy is for you. Start by collecting two cups of ice from your bridge. Now pour the ice inside the garbage disposal and let the blade cut through it. By grinding the ice, food remnants in the grinder get flushed down the drain. Finish up the cleaning with sufficient water to flush down the remaining food particles.

This trick can sufficiently remove food particles and bacteria buildup and remove the smelly odor you do not like. However, note that simply using ice cubes assumes that the smell issue is caused by insufficient water flow leaving food particles within your piping. If this is not the case, this method will not offer a feasible solution for your needs. Instead, move on to the next recommended steps. 

2.Add lemon for a fresh citrus smell

Lemon is good for almost everything. It works by overriding the stinky smell in your garbage disposal due to the citric acid content. Another reason you should opt for this is because the citrus fragrance is just exceptionally welcoming, so if you like to enjoy your time in the kitchen and feel a lot refreshed, you should especially consider this option.

However, the smell of lemons may not be appealing to some individuals, with many disliking the smell of citrus fruits. In cases like these, you might consider also using lemon-based cleaners to achieve the same smell effect. Also note that in some cases, the lemon may only mask the smell, not remove it entirely. This means it will require regular use and application for the best results.

The steps to using lemon to fix your smelly garbage disposal is easy. Just grab a full big lemon and cut it into 8 pieces, then add each slice to the garbage disposal and turn on the running water. With this, the water removes the food buildup and refreshes the smell in your garbage disposal. Continue until you use the last slice of lemon for the best result.

3.Use baking soda and vinegar

Almost everyone has heard of the famous vinegar and baking soda combo. The two are good for almost all types of cleaning. They even make excellent kitchen cleaners and are the best alternative to chemical kitchen cleaners.

Using these two options together will involve a two-step process, with one ingredient being used before the other. Start by adding a half cup of baking soda to the garbage disposal. Then, make sure to leave it inside for about an hour and let it absorb the bad odor and vapors in the piping – you may choose to leave it for longer and add a little extra baking soda when doing so. 

After this is done, follow up by adding a cup of vinegar into the drain and let the combination wash away a stinky smell. Depending on how much baking soda you use, you might need to use a little more vinegar as well.

After you’re done, finish up by flushing the disposal with cold water. Leave the water running for about 10 minutes for proper cleaning, and get ready to enjoy fresh and sparkling garbage disposal.

4.Disassemble and clean the garbage disposal

While this may mean a lot of work, it is the best option to ensure that your garbage disposal does not keep stinking. You may decide to do this yourself, or consult with a professional, as cleaning the garbage means you have to dismantle the sink. 

If you decide to take on this task yourself, take a note to follow the steps below to do this perfectly.

  • Disconnect the garbage disposal from electricity

Once you are ready to clean the garbage disposal, remove all plugs from the connected plug. Ensure that you’ve done this before anything because not disconnecting the unit can be very dangerous.

  • Clean the gasket/baffle

Search for the gasket that usually stores food particles. It is located somewhere underneath the unit. Remove the gasket and clean it thoroughly using a brush and detergent. Ensure that you do not do this with your bare hand, as the gasket can get slippery to clean

  • Remove all visible food particles from the grinder

Check inside the grinder to see if there are any food particles remaining. Use a plier to remove everything and rinse with water if there is.


Using any of the options discussed above will give you an instant result, and the result may even last a little longer. However, maintaining an odor-free kitchen requires more than a one-time effort. There is a need to ensure that you pay attention to other parts of the kitchen.

Now that you are rid of the bad odor, it is time to keep the cleaning routine. Repeat any of the processes once a week to maintain the result. And for a better result, consider doing the three together once in a while. With that, you can be sure to never experience stinky garbage disposal.

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