5 Reasons Why Mobile Games Grew In Popularity In Less Than A Year

5 Reasons Why Mobile Games Grew In Popularity In Less Than A Year

It is not surprising at all when we tell you that the use of smartphones grows in popularity with each passing day. Currently, we all feel that we have control of our lives thanks to all the functionalities that mobile offers us: agenda, reminders, photo album, camera, social networks, banking … endless benefits that make life easier for us. And, also, more cheerful with a wide variety of entertainment in online games.

It seems this last factor has lately become the favorite of the world population. Thus, here we will do a brief analysis of the reasons:

  • Games are proven to bring people closer together

Last year the world population witnessed an unprecedented situation, the confinement resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in social distancing, more free time, and fewer recreational opportunities. So many people found a way out of this situation in online games, space where people could connect with family and friends, thus becoming the main reason why the download of mobile applications related to this activity has increased in 2020.

However, this fact has many concerns as online games involving gambling are not fully regulated in many countries. Such is the case in India, where it has been found that at least 40% of internet users have spent money at online casinos.

  • Safety and reliability

Nowadays, mobile game applications offer more security to the user than venturing to play any game from the computer. However, it is important to choose an application whose company has references. Also, keep in mind that, according to statistics, less than 10% of those who play regularly win.

  • Easy to access

One of the main reasons that online games are so popular is because they allow the user to play from anywhere. With a mobile phone, people can play at any time of the day, from the sofa at home, queuing to enter an establishment, or enjoying the outdoors in the nearest park. In short, people do not have the limitation that they would have with a computer.

  • Great variety of games

Which subject is more attractive: the stories set in ancient Greece or those of secret investigators? If a user cannot decide between one and the other, the good thing about online games is that there are as many versions of the same game as possible stories. So if at any time the theme of a game gets bored, the user will have the opportunity to play a different version, without losing the essence of the game.

  • User experience improvements

The term “user experience” (often abbreviated as UX) is gaining more and more importance among online game developers. Basically, this term refers to how a person feels when interacting with a system, that is, in the case of a game application, a way is sought to present the players with the best ways to interact, as well as eliminate possible distractions that affect the user’s immersion in the game.

All these five factors, coexisting together, have caused online games to register an increase in popularity during the last twelve months, a phenomenon that has attracted the attention of the media.

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