5 Red Flags To Avoid While Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers!

personal injury lawyers

So you’ve been in a car accident that resulted in injury and property damage, and you’re seeking reputable personal injury lawyers in Edmonton to defend you. Any attorney would be an excellent option in an ideal world, and any attorney could be trusted with your case – but we don’t live in a perfect world. Unfortunately, a few lawyers out there are mediocre and prey on the weak. You require an attorney who will watch out for you rather than treat you as if you were just another paycheck. Fortunately, there are a few dependable techniques to discern if an attorney is trustworthy or not. Here are five crucial red signs to look out for when selecting a law firm for personal injury:

  • If The Attorney Makes Inflated Promises

Some lawyers prefer to promote themselves by claiming that they can obtain fair compensation for your injury. These lawyers will make outrageous claims of multimillion-dollar compensation for their clients.

An attorney who attempts to appeal to your feeling of greed is almost certainly greedy and will collect enormous sums from you just as he will from the defendant. Furthermore, sensationalized promises almost always turn out to be significantly less than expected. Your lawsuit may be worth a big sum of money, but a trustworthy lawyer will focus on justice rather than money.

  • If They Suggest You Overstate Your Injuries 

To get a bigger settlement, some dishonest attorneys may either overstate the nature and severity of your injuries or urge you to do so. It is referred to as personal injury fraud, and it is a serious offense. Any law firm for a personal injury that is prepared to perpetrate fraud or pressure you to do so is unfit to represent you.

  • If They Do Not Have Enough Experience

Of course, inexperience is neither a sin nor an indication of dishonesty; every lawyer begins with zero experience. But, on the other hand, an unskilled attorney is statistically more likely to make mistakes and lose. So make sure your lawyer has at least a few years of proven courtroom experience; if he doesn’t, but you still want to deal with him, make sure there’s someone else in the firm who can keep track of your case and step in if required.

  • If They Do Not Effectively Communicate With You

A lawyer who does not answer calls is not trustworthy. It either suggests the lawyer is too busy with other cases to give you the time and attention it needs, or it means he doesn’t care about or believe in your case. A skilled attorney should offer regular updates and promptly return calls and emails to keep you informed.

  • If They Ask For Their Pay In Advance 

His money is secure, but yours isn’t. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you’ve already lost something, you may not want to lose anything else. Thus, you need a law firm for a personal injury case that has no stake in the outcome of your case. Before accepting his fees, a smart attorney would tell you if you have a viable case, to ensure that their efforts don’t go in vain. 

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