5 Top Nursing Wear for Working Nursing Mothers


While maternity fashion has advanced, there are still just a few businesses dealing in maternity wear that facilitate women in breastfeeding, regardless of occupation. Women have been struggling to balance breastfeeding demands along with their job.

Maternity wear in India is still more about pretty gowns that look fab in pictures but actually aren’t much practical as an outfit that one can slip on and go to work or travel in.

With influencer Diipa Buller-Khosla adding breast pumps to her red carpet dress to bring out awareness and many other celebrities breaking their silence on the much important issue of working nursing mothers, it’s high time to bring about the change.

Nursing wear with buttons in the front for feed access, jackets that can double as a nursing cover-up, and dresses with zippers on the sides that you can simply draw down, feed, and zip-up are all designed to appeal to the huge demographic of nursing mothers.

Here we look at our top picks to show how utility meets fashion to encourage and normalize nursing for working moms.


Top 5 picks for Nursing Wear 

  1. The Kaftan Company- Green Maternity shirt with Floral Yoke 

Green Maternity shirt with Floral Yoke

Nothing about this screams”maternity,” yet when you think about it, it makes perfect sense for a nursing dress. The A-line cut accommodates a changing tummy, and the front buttons make it simple to uncover only the areas you choose.

2. Morph Mat cape style feeding Kurti 

Morph Mat cape style feeding Kurti

With this maternity dress, you get an ethnic dress and a contrasting floral cropped shrug that doubles as a nursing cover that perfectly conceals the zippers for breastfeeding. Three things for the price of one? Yes, please.

3. Mometernity wine Polka Dot Hi- Lo Mat and nursing Dress 

Mometernity wine Polka Dot Hi- Lo Mat and nursing Dress

Wrap dresses, for the win! The adjustable waist tie is essential not only for a growing belly and changing body in general but also when you need to loosen the top to nurse.

With its lovely overall polka dot print and two hidden zips at the princess line, it’s ideal for feeding your baby on the go or staying in a nursing wear!

4. MoMoms Easy and covered Breastfeeding Blue Top for Maternity and Nursing Feeds. 

covered Breastfeeding Blue Top for Maternity and Nursing Feeds

Enjoy an uninterrupted social life while feeding your baby in the company of friends and relatives in a nursing top that keeps you covered.

With a low neckline, it’s frilly, fancy, and frickin’ fantastic for nursing.

5. The Mom Store grey melange Maternity and Nursing Sweatshirt 

ray melange Maternity and Nursing Sweatshirt

The only issue with pullover sweaters is that nursing in them can be difficult. Nursing zippers on both sides will take care of that.

This super-soft cotton nursing sweatshirt will keep you comfortable when you’re out and about or traveling.


The modern world demands more clothing with zippers and buttons in gentle fabrics making them the best comfortable clothes during pregnancy. It will easier be for nursing waer mothers to feed their children, or even pump while remaining comfortable.

Spending some time planning your clothing before your baby arrives will help you free up more time once she gets here. You’ll be nursing your infant frequently, and apparel that allows easy access to your breasts can make it a lot easier.

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