5 Ways to Relax After Work and Be Productive the Next Day

5 Ways to Relax After Work and Be Productive the Next Day

After a long day of work, going home and turning your mind off by laying in bed and mindlessly scrolling through social media sounds tempting. We often feel that doing mind-numbing activities is the way to take a break. However, it usually leaves us feeling unfulfilled and empty. Not a lot of disconnect this way too, and instead stress over tomorrow’s workload.

It’s easy to fall into this cycle of making our days all about work. It leads to feelings of burnout and disenchantment. It’s crucial to learn how to set boundaries on the different parts of our day. Here are five ways you can do to relax after work and look forward to being productive again the next day.


Some people find that working off the stress can be extremely helpful. Physical activity releases endorphins to help you feel better about anything that might have bothered you at work. It doesn’t have to be too intense to make you feel exhausted– light and regular exercise every day will help you feel more energetic for your remaining tasks of the day and overcome that after-work lethargy. Team sports and group workouts sound fun, but arranging a good workout playlist is just as fulfilling if you prefer working out alone.

Take free courses

Whether online or in-person, there are many free courses out there if you’re looking to develop a new skill or just learn about something new. It may sound boring or exhausting to do something else after work, but if you choose something you already enjoy, it will feel more fulfilling and less obligatory. 

You can join book clubs, cooking lessons, or language lessons. Online self-paced classes solve the issues of convenience and transportation. This way, you get to hone your craft, and if you’re taking classes with a group, you make friends and develop a social circle besides colleagues. 

Slow down, literally

Workplaces often glorify the ‘fast-paced environment’ and expect their employees to be on the move constantly. Try not to bring this back home and take your time doing your chores and other tasks. Put a lot of thought into what you should cook for dinner, and don’t rush through the cooking process. Enjoy your bath time and use it as a way to relax. Intentionally slowing down these tasks can help you appreciate them more and see them as a way to take the ease off from work and its pressures.

Pamper yourself

Turn off all work notifications and start transitioning once you start your commute home. Then it’s time to give yourself a little pat on the back for getting through the day and do your self-care rituals. It’s essential to have a routine to help yourself relax, especially if it involves a mini pampering session every day. A Spa or Sauna Sydney will do wonders to help you relax. However, you don’t need to leave the house to do it, you can emulate the experience at home. Take a long, warm bath with candles and music, make your skin feel soft with moisturizing lotion, and do your skincare by putting on a face mask.

Revisit or start a new hobby

Having a hobby will make you feel that you didn’t end up spending the day just doing work and spent the remaining hours doing nothing else. It’s easy because it taps your more creative side, and you can do it at your own pace without having to stress over deadlines. You just have to think about the things you like doing the most and start developing it as a craft. 

Baking, cooking, knitting, clay crafts, and practicing musical instruments are just a few examples of hobbies you can take up. Once you start planning out projects, it gives you something to look forward to each day after work.

Give CBD hemp flower a try

Before you say anything, cannabidiol (CBD) is not weed itself. CBD is also known as hemp oil, which, if you combine with its distant cousin THC, makes up marijuana. THC is the psychoactive element and is the one responsible for the high effect of taking marijuana. CBD hemp flower is not psychoactive and will induce a more relaxed state without getting you high.

Over time, enough research provided evidence for CBD’s medical benefits. Some studies have found evidence for its ability to ease pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and alleviate insomnia by activating serotonin receptors.

CBD has started gaining more popularity within the general public. Labels indicate whether the products are full-spectrum CBD. This means the inclusion of small amounts of the different compounds in the cannabis plant (flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids). It contains some THC compared to broad-spectrum CBD (without the THC) and CBD-isolate (solely CBD).

If you’re going to try CBD hemp flowers, make sure you check out reliable and trusted distributors like MrHempFlower that come with precautions and instructions. There are many forms of CBD intake depending on the dosage, so make sure to consult with your doctor and see if you can get a prescription.

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