6 Best Marijuana Strains That Gets You High

Best Marijuana Strains

The strength of the strain determines how high one can get from using it. It also depends on the THC levels and growing conditions, and if you are a regular user of cannabis, you may be interested in finding the strains to get you high fast. Many strains can help you achieve your desires; however, some will take time and only produce minimal effects. The type of strain matters, and before you seek the unending haze, take time to understand the strain’s potency and THC levels.

Cannabis usage is legal in most states in the US; this reform has led to the rise in marijuana strains. As the marijuana strain growers seek to develop new and more potent versions, the information here will help you understand the top strains to get you high fast. 

  • Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush is predominantly indica strain with a 70/30 indica: Sativa ratio. It also maintains a substantive THC level of 16%; you can anticipate a high feeling accompanied by tropical flavors from this combination. It has ties to the OG Kush family and pineapple family and is primarily grown in California.

After the first puff, you begin feeling a pure wave of euphoria accompanied by a mental vibe and good feelings similar to those you get whenever you smoke Sativa. These feelings fade fast and stabilize as the distinct indica feelings take control of your body, and you begin to feel as if the body is shutting down as a lazy mood kicks in.

As the sensation intensifies, your body becomes comfortable, and for many, it’s time to go into a deep slumber. You can also lie lazy, and you may experience a certain hunger for food. Ensure you take some food, then enjoy the rest of the high and hazy feelings accompanied by a tropical fruit aroma. 

  • Bubba Kush

The strain is a cross of OG Kush and Afghani strain or Northern light strains. It has a THC level of 14%, making it a perfect strain to induce high feelings for beginners. However, the THC levels increase depending on the species you select. In addition, you can try and find more information about skunk since they have similar effects. It introduces a euphoric and relaxing feeling in the body, making it a perfect evening strain. 

Unlike other strains, the high feelings begin in the head before trickling down to the body. After a few puffs, you begin feeling happy and chammy as the stress fades into the blues. It delivers solid happiness making the whole experience dreamlike and exceptionally marvelous. However, you need to be cautious since excess consumption can be hallucinogenic, as it drives you to the land of fantasy and unpleasurable sensations.

  • Bruce banner

Bruce Banner strain is a powerful Sativa-indica dominant hybrid with 60% Sativa and 40% indica. With THC levels of 49%, the strain induces strength similar to the comic Hulk.  The effects boost the whole body, including moods and brain performance. Despite the name, it has a sweet flavor that welcomes the user to the world of euphoria and relaxation. 

The green shade strain not only resembles the Hulk, but it also uplifts the cerebral performance, introducing an energized buzz in the body that can last for longer hours. It stimulates creativity; however, high consumption can make you feel sleepy and uncomfortable due to the anxiety effects.

  • Greece Monkey

Greece monkey is one of the indica dominant weed strains made from Gorilla Glue, cookies, and cream marijuana strains. It has a THC concentration of 31%, making it one of the strongest strains to get you high faster. However, the THC concentration in this strain may vary depending on the growth conditions. It has the most attractive scent of skunky diesel and nutty villa, accompanied by high effects that build behind the eyes and spread to the body when smoked. 

After the first puff, you become giggly, and a feeling of happiness and fresh energy takes over the brain. Suddenly, everything becomes clear, the stress disappears, and you creatively find solutions to any issues that previously gave you worries. Most people prefer to use it as a problem solver, pain reliever, and relax the entire body.

  • Chocolate OG

This strain is also called chocolope and is a pure indica strain with THC levels between 19 to 29%. It is a cross between chocolate rain and true OG, a genetic combination known for extensive aromas. 

This strain has slow-acting high effects. Within 10 to 15 minutes of consumption, the effects begin to kick in, and you begin to feel a faint pressure in the areas around the lower forehead or the temple. As these feelings take over, you become immersed in a strangely new mindset, and you begin to feel as if the external environment is taking over your body. Your visuals and auditory systems become elevated, and you feel as if you are engaging in your favorite movie or performing alongside your favorite music band. 

The physical effects are subtle at first, but the limbs become weak as time goes, and you will immediately lie on the couch or the bed next to you. As the body weakens, the mind stays active and locked in a new world where you control everything. 

  • 99 problems

The strain is a cross between white 99 and star dawg strains. The combination has a high THC level of 25 to 30% making it a great choice for treating certain conditions such as chronic stress. Its bud produces a sweet berry flavor with little spicy herbs felt whenever one exhales. It is the best stain for socializing, calming and uplifting. 

Its effects kick in a few seconds after consuming it, and you begin feeling super energized. They extend to the mind and the body lifting you spiritually, especially when you exhale.  The euphoric feeling takes over, and a feeling of happiness and creativity engulfs the brain. 


With all this knowledge, you can select a strain that best fits your needs. As you enjoy, avoid high consumption since happiness only exists to a certain extent beyond which you can suffer from overdose or anxiety. For beginners, consider strains with low THC levels.

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