6 Tips for a Successful Blockchain PR Campaign

6 Tips for a Successful Blockchain PR Campaign
As a new business, a successful blockchain PR campaign can skyrocket your progress, boosting your traffic and ensuring that your company is put on the map. That said, not all PR campaigns go equally as well.
To ensure that your next blockchain PR campaign goes as well as possible, we’ve collated 6 tips for you to follow. Let’s jump right in and see how you can supercharge your blockchain PR campaign.

#1 – Set Clear Goals

If you don’t have monthly, tri-monthly, or yearly goals in place, then it becomes hard to measure the progress of your blockchain PR campaign.
Without goals, you won’t know when to celebrate being on track and smashing your targets. Equally, you won’t realise when you’re falling behind your goals. By setting goals and constantly monitoring them, you’ll be able to accurately trace the success of your campaign.
Defining your idea of success on your own terms is essential. While a blockchain PR company may have goals in mind, be sure to discuss them in advance. You want your campaign to achieve goals and smash targets. To do that, you need to set some goals to reach!
The key to goal setting is that they should take on a quantitative format. Avoid qualitative goals as they are harder to measure. By this, I mean set a target that is a figure, not an emotional response.
Instead of setting a goal of ‘In three months I want to be happy with the campaign’s progress’, stick to a figure target. 
Go for a goal that follows a quantitative format, like In 3 months I want to see X% increase of traffic to the site’.
Dominican University has proved that if you want to effectively achieve your goals, one of the best steps towards this is writing them down.
This should be the very first thing you define when running a blockchain PR Campaign.

#2 – Track Your Data

To paraphrase the famous Time Management expert Peter Drucker, that which isn’t measured isn’t improved upon. This goes hand in hand with setting clear goals. 
While having goals is essential, actually measuring your progress is the method through which you realise those goals. By measuring statistics like traffic and click-through rate, you’ll be able to set-up a real-time dashboard of useful metrics.
Tracking your data also allows you an insight into what sort of customers are using your site. While there is a typical cryptocurrency user blueprint, this may not directly align with your business.
By paying attention to data, you’ll be able to predict ahead of time how your campaign is going. By taking historical averages, you’ll be able to project them into the future, further engaging with your campaign.
From this, you’ll be able to track, adapt to, and achieve your goals.

#3 – Don’t Skimp on Your Budget

It’s easy to assume that creative blockchain PR and marketing is easy to reproduce. However, this is not the case. Just because you’ve used a social channel and are familiar with it, this does not mean that you are a PR expert.
An efficient blockchain PR agency will have years of experience, as well as years under their belts. Over this time, they will have created a proven track record of success.
If you want your blockchain business to succeed, one of the best ways to do this is to hire a blockchain PR agency that will manage your campaign. Take the stress off your own back and allow experts to focus on your campaign.
Short-changing yourself by not going with an agency or doing it yourself is only going to harm your company in the future.

#4 – Align Your Expectations

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are home run PR campaigns. Be sure that when you start a blockchain PR campaign, you don’t assume that you’ll be seeing extraordinary numbers overnight.
While some PR campaigns can indeed go viral quickly, the large majority take time. Allow your PR campaign to pick up speed over time. This aligns with the last point, don’t remove your blockchain PR budget just because you haven’t seen results in the first week.
Especially when discussing content creation, articles and blogs will take time to rank highly on the Google Rankings.

#5 – Select the Right Agency

If the blockchain PR agency you’re deciding on cannot prove their past success, they are not the right agency for you.
If you’re going to work through an agency, make sure they have a history of happy clients, a range of case studies, and an average return on investment.

# 6 – Create Sharable and Readable Content 

A fantastic Blockchain PR campaign will also include content ideation, creation, and promotion. Ranking for related keywords in your business niche is one of the best ways of ensuring long-term success.
Focusing on the longevity of your blockchain PR campaign will ensure that your success continues long after your active campaign has ended. Be sure to include a crypto SEO strategy when producing your content.
Investing in a blockchain PR campaign should be an investment into your company’s future.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these 6 tips, you’re much more likely to achieve a successful blockchain PR campaign. You’ll be boosting engagement, increasing traffic, and ensuring your brand’s longevity in the crypto space.

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