7 Secret Walmart Canada Hacks To Save More Money

7 Secret Walmart Canada Hacks To Save More Money

Walmart has always been synonymous with low prices and big savings. It is a giant superstore where you can find almost everything at the best offers. From a box of tissues or chocolates to a big flashy TV set, you can take advantage of the weekly deals, or daily offers on different products. You can save a fortune on those coveted electronic items that are too expensive for your wallet. But, little do the shoppers know that they can save even better with some of the secret Walmart Canada hacks. 

Below are some of the tips that will help you grab the hottest deals while saving big bucks-

Take Advantage Of Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

Take Advantage Of Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

Every Walmart superstore has a price adjustment policy. Present a valid flyer, either digital or printed, of any of the local competitor stores. If the Walmart cashier approves your request, he will match the price of your purchases. 

Thus, before you head to Walmart, it’s worth browsing the Walmart Flyers in Canada that keep changing with deals. Though it’s an old way to shop for deals, it’s all online now. Enter your zip code, city, address, Canada provinces or territories, and the Walmart flyers nearest to your location will pop up. The flyer will provide you with access to the weekly or daily offers.

Know The Secret Price Codes

Walmart has some price codes for the products, and knowing them can help you save a lot of money. If the price reads as $8.97, i.e., the price ends with digit 7, it entails that the products haven’t been discounted yet. 

If the price ends with 5, for example, $5.65, it is the first markdown price. Thus, if you find a price tag ending with 5, it’s worth waiting as the inventory is likely to be further marked down. 

However, if the price ends with a 0 or 1, for example, $4.0 or $5.1, consider it a ’final sale.’ It is the ideal time to add the product to your cart and save money.

Check For The ‘Rollback’ Prices For Electronics

Walmart offers mind-blowing deals on electronics. Whether it is an LED, laptop or a printer, tick off the items that say ‘rollback’ prices in the savings filter. You will find thousands of electronics on special offers. Look for Walmart flyers in Canada and get updated information on clearance items, rollbacks, or exclusive products.

Look Out For Refurbished Products

Products advertised as ‘refurbished’ are worth checking out. If you are shopping online, look for the refurbished items and see how much you can save. However, depending upon the level of refurbishment, the prices may vary. Usually, the refurbished items are electronics that haven’t been out of the box for long.

Shop For The House Brand

No matter what store you shop in, if the company has its own brand, the products will be of good quality. Walmart has so many subsidiaries. It owns several generic brands, including, Shoebuy, ModCloth, Bonobos, Sam’s Club, Brompreco, etc. However, Great Value is the best-known brand among Canadians for grocery shopping. You can purchase consumable items, such as canned foods, frozen dinners, pies, milk, chicken, etc. along with other household essentials. You can stay updated about weekly grocery offers with Canadian Flyers.

Use Printable Walmart Coupons For A Credit

Use Printable Walmart Coupons For A Credit

It is a great hack to save a couple of bucks on Walmart shopping. Look for discount coupons on Walmart Canada website and print them for use while shopping in-house. When you use a coupon with value more than an item’s retail price, Walmart offers you a credit. You can use this credit for your other purchases. But, keep in mind that there aren’t many coupons as the store offers the lowest possible prices on almost all the commodities all the time. Here you can find how to make more money

The Associate Discount Center is a well-known hub for other companies to post discounts & even special rates on their products or services for Walmart associates. Remember that some of the deals are negotiated by Walmart exclusively for associates. Simply, try this best sale percentage calculator to find the reduced price of goods and even the quantity of money that you save.

Check Out The Displays Filled With Discounts

Walmart often displays a whole display section of grocery items, everyday essentials, or other items that are about to expire. You can consider it as a clearance sale which you can find at the end of each aisle. These products generally have a bright yellow clearance sticker or other advertising signs for discounts. You can’t afford to miss these items!

Remember, there isn’t any particular day when Walmart displays the products for sale. You need to stay well-informed about what’s trending in the superstore near you. Use Walmart Flyers in Canada to get the latest information about the best offers, deals, coupons from, and promotions. 

To Sum Up

Wanting to boost savings doesn’t make you a cheap person. It just means that you pay attention to your expenses. If you want to save more money while grabbing the best deals in Walmart Canada, use the simple hacks mentioned above. You are sure to have a money-savvy shopping experience. 

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