7 Shows You Should Watch If You Like Game of Thrones

7 Shows You Should Watch If You Like Game of Thrones

Games of Thrones is over! 

Sadly, our beloved show didn’t deliver a breathtaking finale. Despite that, the drama series hooked fans for eight straight seasons. That’s indeed an incredible feat. Now, it’s time to get over Game of Thrones and move on. The world hasn’t ended yet. There are plenty of captivating shows capable of scratching the same itch the fantasy series once did. 

For almost an entire decade, the adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire entertained the world. From parties to long drives, the series worked as an icebreaker many times. I remember how hard it was to wait for season 8 when there was a gap of almost two years.

Now, when the winter is over, it feels like I am missing out on something in my life. If you feel the same way, there are many Game of Thrones-like shows that can help fill the void. Here we go:

  • Outlander 


After winter, spring is here! Outlander is a fantastic series to binge-watch on Netflix if you are a fan of time travel. Based on the book series with the same title, Outlander follows the story of a 20th-century woman who accidentally travels back in time and reaches Scotland in 1743. Now, she is struggling to adjust to the new life and find her way back home. What happens next? Watch the series and find out. 

  • The Witcher

The Witcher

If you were very much into Game of Thrones, you’d enjoy The Witcher. Although there is no Westeros or Night King, there’s a fictional world called The Continent. What’s more? There’s a fierce Queen. There’re dragons. Isn’t it like entering Westeros again?

  • Black Sails 

Black Sails

Meet the exciting blend of Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Sails. From beautiful sets to great cinematography and an engaging storyline, plenty of things make Black Sails a great addition to your list of Game of Thrones-like shows. Its storyline revolves around the Golden Age of pirates. Exciting. Isn’t it?  

  • Spartacus


Do you like shows where people are constantly battling against each other? If yes, watch Spartacus right away. Apart from fights from Game of Thrones, the show will make you remember movies like 300. From simple storyline to engaging characters, there are plenty of things about Spartacus that may make you binge-watch it. 

  • The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom

Based on The Last Kingdom book series, the show is among those few series whose plotline changes quickly and dramatically. One moment, you find the most powerful character, and the next moment, it gets killed. Didn’t it remind you of Game of Thrones

  • Vikings

There may be numbers of shows on Vikings, but there isn’t one better than Vikings. In addition to taking you deep into the history and culture of strong people, it also shows an exciting storyline. Apart from an engaging storyline, there are outstanding performances to enjoy.  

  • Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone

Just a few minutes into the show, and I knew that Shadow and Bone was going to be phenomenal. An adoption of the YA book series, Shadow and Bone is majestic and gripping, thanks to the storyline and interesting characters. It may take you some episodes to understand the concept of Grishaverse, but once you do, you’ll definitely fall in love with the show. 

Did I miss anything? Is there any other show that reminds you of Game of Thrones? 

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