A Complete Guide To Cleaning A Jet Ski

Jet Ski


A personal watercraft is a significant investment. Not taking proper care of your jet ski can lead to losses in the long-term. It is an ongoing responsibility to keep your PWC in optimal condition. Unwanted elements getting into the moving parts of your jet ski  can affect its performance and can also result in costly damages. How can you avoid this? Read this complete guide to clean your jet ski.

Tools And Jet Ski Cleaners You Need 

Following are the tools and cleaners you need: 

  • Garden hose 
  • Jet ski cleaner 
  • Soap 
  • Rags 
  • Scrub brushes 
  • Wax spray 

Garden Hose 

In addition to the garden hose, you can use pressure as well if you want.

Jet Ski Cleaner 

 Choose an eco-friendly cleaner which does not harm the environment or leave discolored patches on the jet ski’s  body. 


There are two options available. You can either use your car soap or special boat soap. There isn’t a significant difference between these two. So, if you want to save a few bucks, you can use a car soap. It is good to get advice from a local jet ski repair services provider if you have misplaced your jet ski user manual. 


Instead of using foam sponge, use white cloths to apply soap on the PWC. It is not easy to get sponge into irregular places. 

Scrub Brushes 

You need a scrub brush to clean seats and other parts of your personal watercraft. 

Wax Spray

You need a wax spray to give your PWC a final shiny finish. 

Cleaning A Jet Ski 


 Open glove box, the hood and storage areas. To avoid any damage to the upholstery, remove and place its seats on a foam mat.     

Remove bungs, if you have any,  in the glove box or storage. Water does not get into those areas. If it does, it is drained through the hull. From there, it is dispersed by the bilge system. Open all the bung plugs so that leaves, sand or any other debris build-up is easily washed away. This will prevent blockages in the bilge system. These blockages can also cause damage to the hull. 

Step 1: Rinse It Properly   

Grab the garden hose and give your PWC a thorough rinsing. You might need a power washer to clean the footwell as it is the dirtiest part with goo and slime stuck to it. Keep in mind that the high-pressure water spray can damage the soft spots and decals. So, be careful while using the pressure washer.   

Step 2: Wash It With Jet Ski Cleaner And Water 

After rinsing it, spray the mixture of jet ski cleaner and water. From footwells to the engine, coat everything with the cleaner. The dirty footwells need extra layers of the cleaner.

Note: Avoid using cleaner if the PWC is not very dirty. Add a few drops of boat soap or car soap in a 5-gallon bucket of water. Dampen the white rag. In the end, wash off the soap.

Step 3: Clean Jet Ski Seats

Spray jetski cleaner on seats after rinsing them. Get a scrub brush and clean your jet ski seats.   

Step 4: Dry and Wax It

Once you have completed the hardest part of the job, it’s time to wipe down the craft with the white rag. Footwells of the craft need close attention. Get a new rag and wipe down the footwells once again. Clean the mirror and other shining parts with microfiber rags. Check the watercraft again and make sure that everything is clean and dry. Now, apply wax spray and buff all over it and it’s done.        

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