A Guide To Sustainable Tourism Marketing Services: What You Need To Know


Sustainability is totally a buzzword nowadays and it’s making a difference in a number of industries – from beauty products to the energy suppliers. 

The travel industry, in particular, is an area where the sustainability aspect is associated with a ton of different things. So, it’s not just the airlines or hotels that need to consider the environment, but every other business that’s a part of the travel experience. From the tour operators to the local restaurants, they all need to figure out how to minimise their carbon footprint.

This is where sustainable tourism marketing services come into play. 

If you’re in the business of sustainable tourism or want to attract customers who are into eco-friendly travel, you need a marketing plan that speaks their language. 

Importance of Sustainability in Tourism

In the 21st-century world, millions care about Mother Earth, sustainability has been a big deal in the travel industry. Did you know that the tourism industry alone accounts for over 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions? Crazy, right?

The scarier part is that experts are predicting that this number is gonna jump to 25% by 2030! That’s gonna have a serious impact on the climate crisis we’re already facing.

To control the situation, many in the travel industry and ones like agencies offering services of sustainable marketing for travel brands are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon, and it’s no surprise. 

Sustainable tourism is all about creating a better future by minimising the negative effects of travel on the environment. It’s a win-win situation for both the tourists and the locals. 

Instead of just focusing only on the money, sustainable tourism businesses aim to provide an amazing travel experience while also taking care of the environment. 

So, if you’re a business in the travel industry, it’s high time to jump on board and start thinking about your impact on the planet.

Why Do You Need Sustainable Tourism Marketing Services

In 2020, a survey was conducted, and it found that sustainable tourism is a top priority for 65% of Gen Z travellers and 51% of millennials travellers. 

Interestingly, Gen Z seems to be the generation that cares the most about sustainable tourism. So, if you’re trying to promote sustainable tourism, you need to keep in mind that this younger demographic is most interested in this topic, and plan your sustainable tourism marketing services accordingly to appeal to them.

How to Plan Your Sustainable Tourism Marketing 

If you’re trying to market sustainable tourism services, it’s important to keep sustainability at the centre of your messaging. This is especially true if you want to attract customers who are specifically looking for sustainable options.

So instead of highlighting other features or benefits, make sure your sustainability message is loud and clear!

Let’s put it this way: Nowadays, people who choose sustainable tourism services care about not only the environmental impact of their trip but also how they get there. As someone from the travel industry, you should think about ways to promote eco-friendly transportation options, like public transport, and incentivize customers to use them by offering discounts or other perks.

Also, you need to know that over 50% of today’s consumers are interested in supporting brands with sustainable values. It’s true! And more than half of those consumers say they’re willing to pay extra for sustainable products.

That means that as a sustainable tourism service provider, you need to not only offer eco-friendly experiences but also ensure that your brand is sustainable in everything you do. This is key to attracting sustainable travellers who are looking for more than just a green experience. So, make sure your marketing strategy reflects this!

Why Hire an Agency for Sustainable Tourism Marketing Services

It’s a fact that the world is becoming increasingly aware of the impact of tourism on the environment, and it’s essential for businesses in the travel industry to embrace sustainable tourism. 

However, it can be a daunting task to figure out how to promote your sustainable tourism services effectively. That’s where hiring an agency for sustainable marketing for travel brands can be invaluable.

  • An agency that specialises in sustainable tourism marketing understands the importance of creating a tailored strategy that resonates with your target audience. They know how to craft a message that highlights your brand’s commitment to sustainability and appeals to customers who are interested in eco-friendly travel options.
  • Professionals at the agency will have the expertise and resources to help you implement sustainable practices across all aspects of your business, from transportation to accommodations to activities. They can advise you on how to reduce your carbon footprint and make your business more environmentally friendly.


Sustainable tourism is not just a buzzword but a critical need for the travel industry. The rise of environmentally conscious consumers has made it crucial for businesses to embrace sustainable practices and promote them effectively. 

By hiring an agency for sustainable tourism marketing services, businesses can tap into their expertise and resources to reduce their carbon footprint and attract customers who care about the environment. It’s time for businesses in the travel industry to embrace sustainability and take action to create a better future for all.

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