Adventure Awaits: 5 Exclusive Outdoors Subscription Boxes Worth Exploring

Adventure Awaits: 5 Exclusive Outdoors Subscription Boxes Worth Exploring


If you’re not a lover of adventure, it could be that you’ve not stepped out to appreciate the beauty of nature. So, do yourself a great favor by venturing into the wild occasionally to see the other side of nature.
There’s so much to gain by taking adventures into the unknown areas you’ve been hearing about. Embarking on such a voyage opens your mind to other cultures, foods, lifestyles, etc.

You may not be aware that there are fantastic outdoor subscription boxes that can enhance your adventure experience.
If you’re in the category of those who desire outdoor expeditions but don’t know how to go about it, or you’re an outdoor enthusiast but do not enjoy enough facilities during your previous outings, you’re in the right place.
This article will help you discover exclusive outdoor subscription boxes to help you explore the world around you.

1. BattlBox

Whether you’re a master in the game of outdoor adventure or a beginner who wants to learn  how to start a fire without a lighter, you need a specially curated subscription box that suits your purpose.

Professionals, experts, and outdoor enthusiasts who have hands-on experience with survival gear show their preference for BattlBox as their best choice of outdoors subscription box.

Are you just starting on your outdoor adventure journey? Don’t worry. There are selected items that can guide your journey into the outdoor world. Such items as manuals, survival tools, emergency supplies, and other essential outdoor gear can be hand-picked for your adventure.

Still not sure what to choose? Battlbox offers a variety of subscriptions – from Basic to Advanced to Pro and Pro Plus.

Gear junkies, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals find solace in the Advanced and Pro packages. Items such as camp equipment, hiking essentials, sleeping bags, backpacks, flashlights, and tents are some items for survival-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

For the big spenders and incurable outdoor enthusiasts, the Pro Plus is the way to go. Without minding costs, they go all out for the highest level of outdoor subscription.
Crate Club
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2. Crate Club

When you embark on an adventure, what do you have in mind? Are you seeking a sense of accomplishment when you go outdoors? Whatever your desire is, Crate Club is a trusted partner when it comes to outdoor adventure.

The Crate Club box is the premium survival and tactical gear subscription box. Prepared for any mission into the outdoors, it offers monthly supplies ranging from Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and General.

Outdoor fun-seekers who are new or casual tacticians can request the Lieutenant subscription with carefully selected items such as self-defense tools, fire starters, EDC gear, and a lot more.

Beyond adventure-seeking, if you’re determined to face challenges in your mission, you must go beyond Lieutenant. The Captain and Major subscriptions can suffice for the moment. Here, you have items including medical supplies, optics, purification systems, etc.

Well, if you’re a pro or on the frontlines of outdoor survival exploration, you’re qualified to procure the General subscription box. It contains all things in other packages, including customs bullet-proof bag inserts, self-defense equipment, binoculars, flashlights, and many other essential items.

3. Apocabox 

Outdoor subscription is not limited to the outdoor experience alone. If indeed an emergency can occur anywhere, anytime, there’s a need to prepare for such an eventuality. This means that a family can be at risk of a natural disaster.

Apocabox offers a unique opportunity for families to receive subscriptions that can provide them with all the survival gear they need in the event of a natural disaster occurring in their home. 

Coming newly into the outdoor subscription business, Apocabox brings with it innovations that respond to emergencies relating to the digital age. 

Unlike other subscription boxes, Apocabox delivers discoveries every month. Even though you may not know their contents beforehand, you’re sure to meet with excitement each time you get your deliveries.

Curated by experts in the field, Apocabox offers high-quality items that are relevant to your needs. Every item is important and useful. No filler stuff included.
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4. Nomadik

When it comes to fit-for-purpose outdoor adventure, you need a box filled with essential gear that is built for that purpose. Therefore, if you’re looking for a subscription box designed for specific adventure activities, welcome to Nomadik.

Discover nature’s beauty next time you explore with Nomadik’s customized box. With over 500k products shipped around the world, Nomadik is an experienced partner to deliver the best gear you ever wanted. 

Nomadik offers various bundles, whether seasonal, quarterly, or monthly subscriptions, they’ve got you covered. From the latest arrivals to Mystery Gera Kits, you’re sure to get the best-in-class products. With Nomadik, each box inspires your next trip.
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5. Alpha Outpost

Alpha Outpost offers awesome boxes with great gear devoted around a theme. You name it, they have it! From cooking, fishing, hiking, etc. So long as it has to do with outdoor adventure, Alpha Outpost has got it.

Check out their Bino Box, Mini Kraken Box, Maroon Box, and a lot more. They have your taste. Designed to enhance your outdoor experience, these boxes contain various tools such as fire starters, torches, foldable tree saws, etc.

If you spend some time camping, this is a box you certainly need. They provide you with new gear every month to keep you updated with current trends.


These are the best five outdoor subscription boxes for all categories of adventure seekers. They are designed to provide a variety of tools and gear that can be tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker, an outdoor enthusiast, or a professional, with these exclusively prescribed subscription boxes, your next outdoor adventure can be an inspiring and worthwhile experience. 



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