Alternatives to Hard Firewoods to Consider as Winter Fuel at Homes

Alternatives to Hard Firewoods to Consider as Winter Fuel at Homes

Ever wonder, firewood is probably the only thing that we are using even before human civilization started? The heat source is among the primary needs for humans to survive because of its significance in defending cruel climatic conditions and cooking. Even after evolving with digital technologies and alternative sources of heat energy, still, firewood always remains in huge demand. The feeling of sitting around a fireplace with family or friends is incomparable with an artificially insulated room. The demand for firewoods drastically upsurges as the winter season arrives. In the peak season, it becomes difficult to find a reliable source of firewood delivery in Sydney. Hard firewood becomes the first preference for everyone which is feasible to an extent. Still, there are many other options you can choose if hardwood is not available. In this article, we are going to elaborate on some great Alternatives to Hard Firewoods. Before going further, let’s discuss the major reasons why everyone wants hard firewood.

Significant reasons behind the high demand for hard firewood  

  1. High calorific value 
  2. Consistent long-lasting flame 
  3. Less smoke residue 
  4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes 

Alternatives to hard firewood 

  • Selective species of soft firewood

Generally, softwood is considered in the inferior category because of the overhype of hardwood. It is true that many species of softwood trees are not suitable for burning. They exhaust quickly and produce a low-quality flame. Also, you may notice a huge amount of smoke from softwood species pine and bamboo. However, there are also some species in the softwood category that is suitable for burning. Here we are enlisting some names to choose from. 

You will not find all of them in your local store of firewood delivery in Sydney because some of them belong to cold regions. Still, there will be a couple of options. The species we are mentioning here produces a good amount of fire but. It may be not long-lasting as hardwood but still serve the purpose. If the option of softwood doesn’t seem satisfactory as per your expectations, try eco firewood. 

  • Eco-firewood 

As the name illustrates, this is the eco-friendly version of firewood. Rather than cutting from a tree, the logs of this wood are manufactured in factories. They use biological residue like sawdust and agricultural waste. Under high pressure, this residue material turns into bricks, pellets and logs that you can burn exactly like the real wood. It comprises properties similar to hardwood such as longlasting flame and high calorific value. Moreover, eco-firewood is easy to store because of its uniform size. You can use pellets for kindling and bricks to enjoy consistent heat for a long time. Search for an eco-firewood seller who is offering bulk firewood for sale at a discounted price. While ordering this variant, you need to be aware of this fact that eco-firewood doesn’t release natural aromas that we need in cooking smoky foods. 

Both of these alternatives to hardwood are easy to find in your local stores of firewood delivery in Sydney. Place your orders in cords rather than weightage units because some sellers mix seasoned and unseasoned woods to increase the weight. Also, try to visit the firewood store to check all possible options currently available. 


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