Amazing Facts About Pet Sitting That Might Add A New Profession To Your List

Amazing Facts About Pet Sitting That Might Add A New Profession To Your List

Let’s look at the buzz for today! 

As per the American Pet Products Association survey, it’s a delight to know that Americans spent more money on their pets than ever before, i.e. $50 million, which is why pet sitting services is the largest growth sector. If you adore pets, you’ll love working with them. Given below are a few facts about pet sitting services that will blow your mind away – 

  • 85% of the pet sitting staff carry liability and bonding insurance,both. 
  • Marketing efforts cost huge and include business cards, word of mouth, car signs, fliers and posters. In addition, online advertising takes place through job locating sites, websites, social networking sites and accounts for a larger percentage of pet sitter marketing.
  • Most pet sitters are women between the age group 41-60 yrs. It includes married women and homeowners. Such pet owners go for multiple pet options like cats and dogs at the same time. 
  • The typical pet sitting clients include married couples between the age group of 36-50 years. Of these married couples, most couples are childless. 
  • Single females use pet sitters more than twice the rate of single males. Plus, pet sitting services are not just for cats and dogs because 77.5% of the customers pay by check and 20% pay with cash. Therefore, there’s very little requirement to establish credit card services for pet sitting services. 
  • Most of the services offered by pet sitters are during daytime at the client’s house or dog walking, special needs care or pet transportation, and so on. Overnight pet sitting services, although about 40% only, don’t offer any overnight sits. Most sitters don’t offer grooming, obedience training, behaviour training, errand service, proper scooping in their own homes or doggie daycare. However, you can add these offerings to your services if you want. 
  • Most pet sitters sit for cats and dogs. However, around 60% of the pet owners also go for fish, birds, caged pets, etc. So, go for personal pet care services to provide your pets a homely experience. 
  • Around 22% of the pet sitters hire full-time work employees, and the other 22% hire part-time staff for their workplace. 
  • It takes a special pet sitter to identify how each pet in their care is behaving. That’s when they can decide the proper actions to walk, feed, soothe and care for their pets. A pet sitter should be an animal lover because they need to be sensitive to the need of pets in their care. 
  • Pet sitters need various skills to be successful in their jobs. Some common skills include reliability, trustworthiness, interpersonal skills, communication skills and most importantly, love for animals and the flexibility to provide them a homely environment. 

To briefly conclude, pet sitting is about a beautiful bond that you share with the pet you’re taking care of, from understanding their routines, needs, moods, and requirements to loving them unconditionally. Therefore, it’s important to choose pet sitting services that are reliable, affordable and comfortable. 

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