How to make an SVG animation and effective video with Animation Software

How to make an SVG animation and effective video with Animation Software

If you look at the history of animation and Animation Software in the Web area, it starts with GIF animation.

It’s like a primitive flipbook like flipping a corner of a notebook page with your finger, but the amount of information is much larger than that of a still image, and it has been adopted one after another in web advertisements.

In addition, moving technologies such as Flash-based animation and CS S-based animation are coming one after another. And in recent years, animation using SVG has attracted a lot of attention.

Why SVG animations?

First, SVG animations are relatively new and innovative. You don’t see them often on websites. An opportunity for you to distinguish your website from your competitor through SVG animations. In addition, an animation attracts the visitor’s attention and triggers him or her to perform a certain action. That is why an SVG animation is often linked to a call-to-action, for example to download a brochure or to contact your company. Finally, SVG animations not only look nice, but they also give a twist to the experience of, for example, your logo, the icons and buttons on your website.

So, this time, I will summarize how to make SVG animation. Due to the nature of graphics made of letters, there are actually several ways to create SVG animations. Among them, how to think yourself that it is the best Why not try to create an SVG animation.

Review about SVG

Originally, in the world of the Web and Animation Software, data in bitmap format (also called dot-shaped or raster format) such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG was the mainstream. However, SVG, which is a vector format marked up based on XML, has appeared, and it has the feature that image deterioration does not occur even if it is repeatedly enlarged and reduced in the same way as vector data edited in Illustrator.

Also, normally it is necessary to prepare dedicated graphic software to change the colour of the image, but since SVG is strictly text data rather than image data, even a text editor that comes standard with the OS is available. Simple image corrections can be done instantly.

Even though graphics today may seem to be mostly 3D animation, 2D animation is still alive and well, and is a growing industry. 2D is still used in all types of applications today. Game developers still use 2D animation, and it is also heavily used by architects, artists, and animators. That said, 2D animation can be something you want to achieve either as a hobby or a career

Create Animation video with Animation Software

Mango Animate Animation Maker has a very high share among software that can handle vectors, so some of you may already be using it.

You can generate an SVG image by either method, you can also use an animation library dedicated to SVG. Animation paper allows users to do professional animation that even any novice can do, and many tools are available for free inside it. Mango Animate Animation Maker has an easy interface, making it ideal for beginners in the field; It is an innovative piece of software that says goodbye to traditional methods of animation and offers artists and designers a new way to approach 2D animation.

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