Anodised Aluminium Stair Nosing: A step to safe modernization.

Anodised Aluminium Stair Nosing: A step to safe modernization.

Anodizing is a method of changing the surface metallurgy to protect it against various metal problems such as corrosion and scratches. It also enhances the metal aesthetically since it is one of the most durable surface finishes available. 

The top facts about anodised iron that will prove as to why it is the best choice for any manufacturing appliance:

How is aluminum anodised ?

After thoroughly cleaning the surface of aluminium for anodising, it is placed into sulphuric acid, an electrolyte solution. An electrolyte is basically an electrically conductive solution with lots of positive and negative ions. When electric current flows through the solution positive ions get attracted to negative plates and positive ions go towards aluminium.

The electrochemical reaction that happens results in the formation of pores on the surface when excess of the positive ions escape on the surface. These pores form a pattern and begin to erode down into the substrate which creates aluminium oxide when it combines with negatively charged oxygen molecules. This forms a barrier layer which acts as a defensive against further chemical reactions. As the current continues to be applied, the relatively weak and reactive areas of the pores that will continue to penetrate deeper into the substrate forming a series of column-like hollow structures and harder the current deeper is the penetrations of these columns. Once the depth of 10mm  micron is reached, the process is stopped, rinsed with cool water and sealed. That will leave a hard, natural aluminum oxide coating, able to withstand chemical attack and is very scratch resistant.

The brilliant colors extracted fill the empty pores to the surface which is then sealed off. That’s the reason they are so durable and can’t be scratched out from the surface. 

The benefits of using Anodised Aluminium Stair nosing are as follows:

Durability: Anodised Aluminium Stairs will have longer life span and will be economically beneficial since it would not require high maintenance cost. 

Color Stability: The exterior coating provides a good suitability from ultraviolet rays which becomes ideal for stair tread nosings. 

Aesthetics: Anodizing results in a variety of gloss and color alternatives and allows the aluminium to maintain the metallic finish. This results in the smooth and textured stair nosings that provide an aesthetic look without compromising on the safety standards. 

Easy Maintenance:Any kind of scar from installation, fabrication or frequent cleaning and usage is not visible on naken eyes. A normal rinsing or mild soap washing will restore the normal appearance that will give the stair nosings a new look forever. 

No health related issues: Anodizing is a safe process not harmful for human health. It will be safe for toddlers to jump and stir around without being exposed to any toxicity and since it is an anti-slip stair nosing the chances of any slip and fall are negligible. 

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