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How to Applying Online for the Death Certificate?


Introduction – Online Application Form for Death Certificate

A death certificate is an official proof of an individual’s passing away providing all the necessary details about the circumstances of death. It is a government issued officially accepted document. This law was passed in India way back. The law is still legitimate under the name of birth and death registration act. It has been made mandatory and is required for many processes.

The fees of registration:

The details regarding the fees of death certificate registration and retrieval are given as follows:

  1. In case the death certificate is issued in the stipulated time period which is 21 days, the process is absolutely free of cost.
  2. In case of late registrations, fine is collected. If the time is exceeded upto 10 days i.e. 21 to 30 days, a fine of Rs.25 is issued. This amount is collected by the medical officer of health department by the person who has applied for the certificate.
  3. In case the time of death has exceeded the time up to 30 days upto 1 year, the only way to receive a death certificate then is via the joint director of statistics. The certificate is issued after proper verification. An affidavit is to be submitted in the asked format. A fine of rs. 50 is also applied.
  4.  In case the time of application is delayed even after a year then the process is completed by the first class magistrate. The purpose is only cleared after proper verification and becomes a tedious process. Many documents are required to be submitted such as a certificate provided by the funeral home, an affidavit in the required format and a certificate proving the cause of death.

Documents required for the process:

Some documents are required while filing for the death certificate as proof of the deceased identity and other information. The documents that are required are as follows:

  • A proof of the Date of Birth of the passed away in order to trace the lifespan of the person. This is very important by the view of government record maintenance.
  • An affidavit is required to be submitted in the required format showing the time of death along with the date. 
  • A small amount of money is required to be paid. It is paid off in form of fee stamps of the court.
  • Ration card copy is required if a person has one. Other ID can also be acceptable.
  • Aadhar card is compulsory documentation.
  • A certificate of No objection is also important. 

The person who applies for the death certificate has to prove their eligibility too as a valid person to be applying for the death certificate. This is done by showing proof of relationship with the deceased person along with identity proof, residential proof, and proof of nationality.

Online application process:

The online application process of a death certificate is as follows:

  1. The primary step is to visit the official website of the municipal corporation of Delhi who is responsible for issuing the death certificate for the deceased individual.
  2. It is necessary to log in or sign up to the online portal.
  3. The region of your residence has to be selected from the options available. Choose from the north DMC, south DMC, or the East DMC.
  4. The option for the registration will now appear on the screen. The next step is to click on the option that says registration of birth and death. The option will lead to a registration form.
  5. There will be many options available out of which the option that says “ registrations by Empanelled institutions” must be selected.
  6. As the application form appears on the screen all the details must be filled in carefully and true to information as required. 
  7. After fulfilling all the details successfully, the online payment of rs.21 has to be made to complete the process.

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