Appropriate Word | Why Guru Dakshina in RSS is a exclusive celebration in present day instances

Appropriate Word | Why Guru Dakshina in RSS is a exclusive celebration in present day instances

The Expert Dakshina is executed after a yr. Normally, a fortnight or a month’s deadline is mounted inside which all RSS shakhas have to organise ‘Guru Dakshina’

With the celebration of the pageant of ‘Guru Purnima’ this year in mid-July, a exclusive exercising which isn’t recognised much exterior the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh will also start. This is acknowledged as ‘Guru Dakshina’ (Choices to the Guru). This exercise would be carried out around a period of a person month by a lot more than 60,000 RSS shakhas throughout the place. ‘Guru Dakshina’ is portion of the celebrations of ‘Guru Puja’, 1 of the 6 festivals celebrated by the RSS each and every 12 months. The other five festivals are — Vijaydashami, Makar Sankranti, Varsh Pratipada, Hindu Samrajya Divas and Rakshabandhan.

Just about every RSS Shakha organises Guru Dakshina, a programme for its Swayamsevaks on a distinct working day in the year starting up from ‘Guru Purnima’ which typically falls in the thirty day period of July and the full work out is carried out more than a interval of 1 thirty day period There are generally two explanations for organising this programme. Very first, to have ahead the age-aged revered custom of Guru-Shishya (Learn-Disciple) custom of Bharatiya tradition and 2nd, to make means for performing of the organisation so that it won’t have to be dependent on any just one outside the house the organisation. This can help it to retain the independence to perform for the society.

The learners utilised to stay in the ashrams of saints in historic India and on completion of their schooling and teaching, made use of to provide dakshina, as a mark of respect for the lecturers/gurus. In the Hindu custom, the value of the ‘offering’ did not subject, what genuinely mattered was the sense of gratitude with which dakshina was provided. The teachers utilised to acknowledge whichever was offered with an equal feeling of contentment.

This sacred tradition was revived by the RSS in present day moments in its  shakha, suitable because its inception and is executed until date. It is a basic ceremony which is held indoors. Typically, it is held in a corridor where close to 50-100 folks can sit. The ceremony is frequently held in the morning. The dress code is, ‘all white’. On the working day of Guru Dakshina, the Swayamsevaks like to put on the traditional Indian dress of Kurta-Payjama or Kurta-Dhoti.

The saffron flag is hoisted in the massive home/hall auditorium and a ceremonial Indian earthen lamp is lighted. The framed pictures of the RSS founder Dr KB Hedgewar and the next RSS Sarsanghchalak, MS Golwalkar (fondly resolved as Guruji within just the RSS) are placed together with. Incensed sticks are also put.

All the Swayamsevaks sit on the flooring where by a variety of daris (a form of Indian carpet created of thick cloth employed at properties normally), or fabric sheets are laid. Before that the room is effectively cleaned. There is pin-fall silence and it is mandatory for Swayamsevaks to achieve well in time in advance of the scheduled starting of the programme. All of them sit in rows. Prior to the starting of the programme, they are presented a simple white envelope with their names published on it by the shakha head, i.e. Mukhya shikshak/Shakha Karyavah. These envelopes are often shipped to them personally at their properties together with the details with regards to the schedule of the Guru-Dakshina. The endeavor is to tell all the Swayamsevaks who have at any time attended a shakha in that place even once. This is probably an efficient way to maintain the new recruits connected to the RSS even if they are not attending the shakha.

The programme of Expert Dakshina is very simple but extremely impressionable at the very least for the newcomers because of to the spiritual environment that prevails there. Any one who has at any time attended Guru Dakshina, with an open head would vouch for it that the environment is unique and leaves a prolonged-long lasting effect, specifically on the youth.

The ceremony starts as the Indian incense sticks are lit there is an aroma of sobriety all all-around. A several Sanskrit shlokas are recited by everyone in the chorus praising the Guru and expressing their gratitude. The swayamsevaks also sing collectively some patriotic tunes remembering the ‘golden age’ of India and vowing to convey again that age by being part of the nation-constructing system. Then swayamsevaks get up one by a person, supply some flower petals stored in a tray around the saffron flag, bow their head to the flag with Dhwaj Pranam (salutations to the saffron flag).

The swayamsevaks then area the envelopes which have some dollars in it (there is no set amount of money which 1 has to keep in the envelope and no 1 asks about it, just one can place only flower petals in an envelope also). The envelope is shut, so no a single knows who has place in how considerably dollars. The swayamsevak once more does  Dhwaj Pranam  and comes back again and sits at his location in the row and the next swayamsevak then goes and performs Guru Dakshina, in a identical way.

Right after Expert Dakshina, there is a short mental discourse sent by both one of the senior RSS functionaries invited for the identical or by any other visitor who has been invited for the exclusive event. The RSS encourages its shakha chiefs to utilise the ‘Guru Dakshina’, programme to invite the area professors, doctors, retired users of the armed forces or any other well-identified particular person as the ‘keynote speaker’, for the programme. This will help to expand the organisation its outreach by receiving non-RSS customers concerned. The basic knowledge has been that any individual who is not an RSS swayamsevak and arrives to the programme of Expert Dakshina for the first time as a principal speaker goes back with this kind of a strong effect that he continues to be a lifelong supporter and good friend of the RSS.

At the end of the programme, there is the typical RSS Prayer and the programme comes to an conclude. Just after that there is casual chit-chat among those who have attended the programme and then all people leaves the location.

Notion of Guru Dakshina in RSS

Below a number of points have to be pointed out relating to the concept of Expert Dakshina. Guru Dakshina was conceived in the previously times as a two-pronged evaluate to gather resources from inside of the organisation to aid its enlargement and to create the value of the saffron flag as the “Supreme Master”.

With the passage of time, the programme of Expert Dakshina, turned a fantastic medium to link with even all those swayamsevaks who typically may perhaps not attend the RSS pursuits consistently. At minimum as soon as in a calendar year, the RSS is capable to connect with them.

The most crucial lesson that can be drawn from the Guru Dakshina programme is the honesty with which all the funds is handled and how revenue is not made use of as the requirements for judging a swayamsevak’s area in the organisation.

Soon after every Expert Dakshina programme, the funds is counted by the Chief Organiser (Mukhyashikshak/Shakha Karyavah), a record is geared up in which names of individuals and the funds retained in their envelopes is recorded in producing and handed about to the designated senior functionary who further more fingers it in excess of to the seniors and then at the Central amount, all the cash is utilised for supporting the RSS routines. No one keeps a single paisa and there has never been a circumstance of any ‘corruption’, in the total record of RSS. The RSS functionaries attribute all this to the ‘character-building’, carried out at the RSS shakhas working day in and day out. Even critics of the RSS would concur that in a corruption-ridden society, this is a productive model which can be followed. In reality, the critical for all the profitable RSS pursuits is its aim on ‘building robust character’ of swayamsevaks.

The Expert Dakshina is carried out the moment a calendar year. Usually, a fortnight or a month’s deadline is fixed inside which all RSS shakhas have to organise, ‘Guru Dakshina’. It is a tradition which has in no way been broken in the RSS and is deemed to be the most revered and sacred one particular.

The author, an author and columnist, has created various books together with ‘Know About RSS’ and ‘The Saffron Surge: Untold Story of RSS Leadership’. Sights expressed are private.

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