4 Practical News Apps for Android and iPhone Users

4 Practical News Apps for Android and iPhone Users

We all know for a fact that the improvements in technology have made our lives a lot easier, right? Especially with how we read the news. From having to wake up in the morning just to pick up the morning paper, watching the news on our TVs to having it all in our smartphones.

Some of us may still like the feeling of reading the newspaper if we all have the time. But with the fast-moving world that we are living today, how do we know that we are reading the latest news? As we all know that news gets outdated really quickly, so we have to be able to get the latest information at all times.

So, we will be giving you some of the best news apps in the market today, which are free to download. These news apps will give you the latest and most relevant news wherever and whenever you are, given that you have an internet connection. 

BBC News

One basis for a news app to be included on this list is that it has to be credible and trustworthy. One way to make sure of that is to know whether your news app acquires all of its content from credible sources. Well, with the BBC News app, you don’t have to worry about anything. It is a well-respected and popular organization that gives you the news without bias.

The app would give you all the latest events and happenings from all around the globe with a single glance. You can even personalize your news feed if you want to have a curated news section. It also offers a live-streaming program that can be found in the app. You can be alerted when any serious news happens just to keep you updated on everything.

CNN News

Just like BBC News, CNN News is a famous and well-known source of news. It was the first news channel that showed you the news for 24 hours non-stop. Just like every news channel out there, CNN has also moved to mobile apps. If you’re looking for a reliable news app, CNN News is a heavy contender.

The app is very similar to the website; the contents you see on the app are stacked with pictures and catchy headlines. If you are located in the United States, this is a plus-one for you as this news app mostly shifts its focus on the country.


For some of us, it may be difficult to read all the interesting news when we find them, right? It can be a tiresome feeling of just scrolling for a long time. So, the best way to deal with that problem is just to read them at a later time. This is what Pocket is offering us.

Pocket is the one you are looking for if you want to save interesting stories and just read them at a later time. Whether you saved an article, a news story, or a link, it can all be saved in Pocket. This is very convenient if you’re always on the run and just have short breaks.


Acquiring your news content from a single source is so mainstream. Feedly, on the other hand, acquires its content from a variety of different news sources from all around the world. With this news app, with the help of RSS, you are able to have reader-style content. This means that you are able to follow a certain topic that you want.

The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS for free, but the app also offers a premium subscription for a very reasonable and worth its price. This would give you certain features, like an easier search for your favorite articles.


Now that you have read everything on this list have you already decided on what news app you want to download? There are still a bunch of other news apps out there if these apps didn’t pique your interests.

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