Want To Download Instagram Stories? Visit These Top Instagram Downloaders Now!

want To Download Instagram Stories? Visit These Top Instagram Downloaders Now!

We usually come across so many social media posts, pictures, videos and stories we may wish to download it and save or maybe share it with others as well. But these features are not provided by social media sites like Instagram, Facebook etc. Thus this article will specifically help you get a quick breakthrough to download all the content, stories and videos available on Instagram easily and quickly.

We know that Insta stories last only for 24 hours and sometimes many videos or images posted as stories are good and worth sharing. Thus below are some of the best Instagram downloader that can help you to easily download stories, videos, and other IG content.

Instagram Downloadr

This web application or tool is one among the best that is easy to operate and use. It comes with a simple user guide and can be used by anyone without any hassle. This web application is free and doesn’t cost anything to download Instagram st One can easily open this website and paste the username of the Instagram account, whose story you wish to download on your device.

Story Saver for Instagram

It is one of the most popular mobile applications available for Instagram story downloadfor android phone users. Yes, disappointing but this app is not available for iPhone or Apple users. This application has a very simple & easy to use interface. One needs to download this app via the Google Play Store and log in to the Instagram account. After which you can tap on whatever story, video and photo you want to save, which will automatically download the content on your device.


This is an online website in which one can easily copy-paste the link of the post or enter the name of the profile in the space given. It will quickly download and work as a story saver, post saver or will help you download video IG It is best for those who don’t want to fill up their mobile space with Insta stuff. One can use this website on a mobile phone browser as well as save the content of Instagram easily in mobile space as well.

FastSave for Instagram

You may use this tool to save Instagram videos as well as to save the IG stories. This application is available for both Apple and Android users. It can help you quickly save any story, post, pictures, videos that are available on Instagram. It has an easy to use interface, and with a simple login, one can quickly save the content on their mobile phones easily. One can also save multiple stories with a single click effortlessly using this tool.

Repost Story For Instagram

This application gives you options one to save Instagram stories, photos, videos, profile pictures as well as to repost it on your IG profile. This application is available for both Apple and Android users. One can download it by login their IG account and save any content they wish to, easily and quickly on their mobile devices.

Instagram is one of the largest used platforms and also one among the most popular social networking sites after Facebook and YouTube. Millions of users are registered on Instagram and share a lot of personal as well as informative content on the platform. One needs to be very careful while downloading any content from Instagram because the downloaded content should not be used to spread rumours, stalk anyone or used in any illegal or commercial activity. Anyone who does such activity will be charged and may be registered under cybercrime law of the land. Thus be careful while you use social media and download content online.

Apart from that, the above-suggested applications are best to use for downloading Instagram content such as videos, photos, or stories easily on your mobile phones without any hassle. The above applications have an easy to use and smooth interface that will surely make your experience better.

Visit this free Instagram story downloader, right now!

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