Area Code 386: Location, History, and Facts

Area Code 386: Location, History, and Facts


Area Code 386: Location, History, and Facts

Area codes play an important role in our daily communication. They are the three-digit codes that are used to identify a specific geographic region in a country. In the United States, area code 386 is assigned to a region in the state of Florida. This area code covers several cities and communities in the eastern part of Florida. In this article, we’ll explore more about the area code 386, its location, history, and some interesting facts.


Area code 386 is located in the eastern part of Florida, covering parts of several counties including Flagler, Putnam, Volusia, and St. Johns. Some of the major cities and communities that fall under this area code include Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, Lake City, Deland, and Orange City.


Area code 386 was created in 2001 when it was split from the original area code 904. This split was necessary due to the growing population and increased demand for telephone numbers in the region. Area code 386 was implemented as an overlay over the existing 904 area code, which means that both area codes cover the same geographic area.


  1. Area code 386 covers a total of 3,425 square miles in eastern Florida.
  2. The largest city covered by area code 386 is Daytona Beach, which has a population of over 68,000.
  3. Area code 386 is home to several famous attractions, including the Daytona International Speedway and the Kennedy Space Center.
  4. Some of the major industries in the region include tourism, agriculture, and healthcare.
  5. Area code 386 has a humid subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers and mild winters.


In conclusion, area code 386 is an important part of the telecommunications infrastructure in eastern Florida. This area code covers several major cities and communities and is home to a diverse range of industries and attractions. Whether you are a resident or visitor to the area, understanding the location, history, and facts about area code 386 can be useful for your communication needs.


Q: What is area code 386?


A: Area code 386 is a North American telephone area code that covers the northeastern part of Florida, including the cities of Daytona Beach, Deltona, and Lake City.

Q: When was area code 386 created?

A: Area code 386 was created on February 15, 2001, as a split from area code 904.

Q: What other area codes cover Florida?

A: In addition to 386 and 904, Florida is also served by area codes 239, 305, 321, 352, 407, 561, 689, 727, 754, 772, 786, 813, 850, 863, 904, 941, 954, and 941.

Q: What is the time zone for area code 386?

A: Area code 386 is located in the Eastern Time Zone.

Q: What cities are included in area code 386?

A: Some of the cities included in area code 386 are Daytona Beach, Deltona, Lake City, Palm Coast, Live Oak, New Smyrna Beach, Orange City, and Ormond Beach.

Q: Do I have to dial the area code when making a local call within area code 386?

A: Yes, all calls made within area code 386 require the use of the area code, even for local calls.

Q: How do I call a phone number in area code 386 from outside the United States?

A: To call a phone number in area code 386 from outside the United States, you would first dial your country’s exit code, followed by the U.S. country code (1), the area code (386), and then the phone number.

Q: Is area code 386 expected to change in the future?

A: There are no current plans to change or split area code 386 in the near future. However, as population and demand for phone numbers increase, changes to the area code may become necessary.


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