Astrology – Few Things You Should Know About It

Astrology – Few Things You Should Know About It

Most people like to read the monthly horoscope and want to check the personality of different signs. However, there is so much depth in astrology that they don’t understand. In this article, we will explain the importance of reading birth charts. You will also learn some fun facts about astrology.

Importance of Learning the Facts about Astrology

Astrology is much deeper and can reveal your personality, the past as well as future. Most people like to get instant predictions that usually are inaccurate and don’t apply to their life. Hence, you will often find someone stating astrology doesn’t work.

Without knowing the actual facts, you will always run into astrologers who simply make predictions based on the moon sign or sun sign. Your friend who has the same sun sign or moon sign might be living a completely different life at the same point in time. Thus, we can conclude that one particular placement doesn’t define our past or future.  Here are the 4 things you must know about astrology.

1 – Astrology Is Not Limited To 12-Star Signs

The majority of people only believe there is only one-star sign that defines their personality and life. However, an astrologer checks almost 30 different factors other than the signs to make any prediction. Moreover, 9 important planets need to be checked before predicting the future.

For instance, a planet like Saturn can reveal a person’s career, and Mercury can define their communication and writing ability. Thus, you can’t conclude that a person with a particular moon sign will choose from a set of career options.

2 – Moon Sign Is As Important As The Sun Sign And Rising Sign

When people often say, “My dad is a Gemini,” or, “My wife is Leo”, they mean that person has Sun in that particular sign. However, it is not accurate to define a person with a particular sign. The Sun sign reflects our personality, while the moon sign shows how we feel and understand things.

Additionally, we have to look at our rising signs to comprehend how we look and our first impressions. The rising sign also determines the placement of different planets in the birth chart. To make correct predictions, it is as crucial to look at the rising sign as it is to check the sun and moon sign.

3 – Making Accurate Predictions Is Possible After Checking The Birth Chart

An experienced astrologer like will check the placement of different planets in the birth chart before making any conclusion about the future. All the planets are important and can influence the person differently.

For instance, a child born with Mercury in Gemini might have difficulty communicating if the planet Saturn is placed in the 3rd house in the birth chart. Thus, it is important to look at various factors before making any conclusion.

Several factors must be checked to make a proper analysis. Two individuals who have Sun in Aries might have different personalities because the placement of planet Mars is in different signs. The planet that rules certain houses can make a difference in the results based on its placement.

4 – Location and time of birth are important in astrology

The placement of planets keeps on changing. Time of birth is crucial in determining the actual placement of the planets in the sign and house. For instance, a person born at 2:15 p.m. can have the Moon placed in Taurus, and his twin brother, born at 2:16 p.m., can have the moon placed in the sign of Gemini.

Moreover, the rising sign keeps on changing its degrees every minute. Thus, the placement of the planets in the house can be completely different when the time of birth is changed.

Location of birth makes a difference because a person born in a particular city will find a completely different placement of planets in different locations at the same time. For instance, the sun and moon rise at different times.

Someone born at 10:00 the US might have Sun placed in the 10th house. At that same time, in a different country, there might be 3:00 p.m., and the Sun might be placed in the 3rd house. Hence, it is crucial to know the correct location and time of birth to get the most accurate prediction.


We hope now you understand the most important facts about astrology. You must start checking the birth chart and the placement of planets to comprehend how astrology works in reality. If you want to learn more about the placement of planets, then find an experienced astrologer based on the birth chart.

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