Australia v England: second rugby union Test – live! | Australia rugby union team

Australia v England: second rugby union Test – live! | Australia rugby union team


Key events:

51 mins: So despite England dominating most of this contest, Australia lead the try-count 2-1 and are still very much in the game.

Behind play another Wallaby is down. Sio this time, only just on as a replacement, clutching his left shoulder after putting himself in a poor tackling position.

CONVERTED TRY! Australia 14-22 England (Kerevi, 49)

The lineout is secured and the maul forms. England do well to hold it up but as play splinters Valetini then Tupou, then Bell, drive at England near the line. There’s a penalty on the play as Hooper tries to draw English defenders into the ruck. Nine phases, 10, play finally spreads to the right but England scramble. Back to the left and Tupou is close! The ball comes out, there’s an overlap on the left, catch and pass finds the free man, and it’s Samu Kerevi who dives over! That was a long exhausting drive that was a tribute to patience and industry. Excellent effort from the Wallabies.

Lolesio doesn’t miss. Can he miss?

46 mins: And the scrum goes Australia’s way! A big early hit from the Wallaby pack looks to have been resisted by England but as the mass of humanity wheels around the whistle blows and Australia kick to the left corner.

45 mins: England make a mess of a restart for the first time tonight, allowing the ball to bounce, but Koroibete can’t gather and the Wallabies can’t capitalise. The bounce of the ball didn’t favour the Australian winger there, but if it did, that would surely have been a try. As it is, it’s an England scrum on their own 22.

PENALTY! Australia 7-22 England (Farrell, 43)

A nice settler for England at the start of the second half. The tourists doing it in threes.

42 mins: After another long break, play resumes with an England scrum near halfway on the left wing. The set is solid and England attack down the blind side. The forwards get to work, bulldozing to the line repeatedly until Smith pump fakes and kicks… to nothing. Another wasted opportunity, but play returns to an earlier penalty advantage.

41 mins: So Petaia lasted only a few minutes before failing an HIA, and now his replacement Perese looks set for an extended stint on the sidelines. James O’Connor is the latest Wallaby into the firing line.

41 mins: England’s tackling is as intense as the start of the first half, cutting off Koroibete before he can build up a head of steam. Australia recycle to the right and… oh no…. oh no…Perese goes down without contact and looks in agony clutching his right knee. That does not look good at all. The Wallabies cannot take a trick.

41 mins: Steward claims the restart superbly and England set about consolidating their lead.

Promising first half for England but no Maro for the last 40, it would appear. The courgettes now need to step up…

— robert kitson (@robkitson) July 9, 2022

I’ve just gorged myself on a dangerous volume of jelly snakes to keep me going for the second half. We’ll be back underway in Brisbane soon.

Half-time: Australia 7-19 England

Australia will be thrilled to be hitting the sheds only 12 points down after being outplayed from go to woah at Suncorp Stadium. England controlled the game and played at a fearsome intensity, especially in defence, but perhaps didn’t back themselves to pile on the points when all the momentum was in their favour. The Wallabies showed them how it’s done, capitalising on their solitary incursion.

40 mins: Australia scrum feed on their own 22. It holds, and the Wallabies attack off the back from left to right until the kick down the right channel fails to trouble England’s defence. Hooper is then penalised for a very technical ruck infringement but England miss touch with their free-kick and we’ll pause for orange segments.

39 mins: There’s a long break while England’s lock is attended to on the ground. The No 4 is back on his feet and walking off. It remains to be seen if he passes the imminent HIA.

39 mins: Straight after the restart Itoje goes to ground, and is surely done for the night, after ducking his head into the shoulder of the rampaging Paisami.

CONVERTED TRY! Australia 7-19 England (Tupou, 38)

Solid lineout for the Wallabies and Bell hits the line hard with a penalty advantage. White jags more metres, Paisami gets some carry, Bell smashes the line, and Tupou finishes the job. He owed his side something, and the big lad delivered. Australia score from their first attack of the half.

Lolesio continues his superb goal-kicking form from Perth.

Taniela Tupou responds with a try for the Wallabies.
Taniela Tupou responds with a try for the Wallabies. Photograph: Jono Searle/AAP

35 mins: The scrum on halfway is reset with the referee giving Tupou a long talking to. The second set-piece holds long enough to count before it rolls around far enough for Australia to earn a penalty. The kick goes inside England’s 22 for the first time tonight.

34 mins: Van Poortvliet with another box kick that England regather after a fearsome chase on Koroibete. The intensity of England’s chasers tonight has been something to behold. There’s a sloppy knock-on soon afterwards though and the Wallabies get a scrum feed.

PENALTY! Australia 0-19 England (Farrell, 32)

Five from Five for Farrell. England have not given Australia a sniff at Suncorp Stadium.

31 mins: A maul forms in Australia’s half after England’s lineout. The penalty advantage precedes Van Poortvliet darting off the back into a gap but an obstruction soon follows and play is called back.

29 mins: Another kick in behind, Nowell this time, isolates Koroibete near his line. The chase is superb. Australia forced into the latest hurried clearance to touch. England clearly happy to play the territorial game while they have the ascendancy.

28 mins: Another England lineout win near halfway, another poor Smith kick, but this time it ricochets nicely for Underhill off a Wallaby head. George bursts through, almost clear, but he’s scragged and the defensive scramble is good enough to smuggle England into touch on the right. England are probing, but some very questionable decision making from Smith. Why not try to run the ball against the 14-men?

26 mins: By contrast Van Poortvliet has box-kicked superbly tonight and from his latest the catcher, Lolesio is absolutely pummelled. It sets up good England momentum in midfield, which only grows when Australia try to run clear from their own line. From the clearance England secure lineout ball, Smith kicks – better this time – and Hill leads the charge following a hurried clearance. Australia cannot get a foothold in this match. With 14 men they are at risk of being blown away by halftime.

24 mins: Australia look to rebuild after the restart just inside England’s half and they string a few phases together, although none of them cross the gainline, and it’s little surprise when there’s a turnover. Smith again kicks, and again it’s unconvincing, returning possession to Australia just inside their half.

23 mins: Australia have not fired a shot in the opening quarter. England have been full of intent and deservedly lead.

PENALTY! Australia 0-16 England (Farrell, 23)

Nothing cute from Farrell. He just dabs over the three points from the original penalty under the posts.

Yellow Card (Perese, 22)

The TMO is having a long look at that knock-on from Perese and the decision – very very harshly – is that it was deliberate! To my eyes that was a near-intercept. Anyway, Australia’s substitute back is off for ten minutes. Everything going England’s way tonight so far.

22 mins: England secure lineout ball on the 22 and the maul rumbles 15, then 10, then 5 to go before it crumbles. Penalty advantage, England head from the middle wide to the left, surely a try is forthcoming, but there’s a Gold arm in the way, the ball goes to ground and England will have to make do with a penalty.

20 mins: England cannot capitalise though as after kicking to the 22 on the left, Philip steals the lineout and the clearing kick reaches halfway. Genge does well in the guts but Smith again undoes the momentum with a nothing kick. Australia rebound with pace and dare for the first time tonight. A couple of risky passes stick and Hooper carries over halfway. Could this be the home side’s first look? No. Lawes does superbly at the breakdown to interrupt the ruck and England are back on the front foot.

19 mins: Australia’s second scrum of the night, and their second defeat! Massive shove from England and the penalty again goes against the recalled Tupou.

18 mins: Valetini drills into the England line and gets some go-forward for the Wallabies but England win the next breakdown. It all unravels before the ball comes free though and Australia will feed a scrum.

17 mins: More good hustle from England, this time from Nowell, rag-dolling Wright into touch after a superb box kick down the right touchline. However, off the ball, Genge catches the eye of the TMO for being too aggressive after the play on White. It won’t be an England lineout, it will be an Australian penalty instead. Costly, unnecessary indiscipline.

PENALTY! Australia 0-13 England (Farrell, 15)

From the right of the uprights this time Farrell strokes over his third of the night. England flying.

14 mins: Valetini does well under pressure but England are attacking with their defensive line, suffocating every ball-carrier in gold. This is intimidating, rugby league stuff. Tupou is then penalised for initiating contact without his arms, and England have another shot for goal.

13 mins: The first scrum of the night quickly ends with a free-kick penalty against Tupou and England kick for territory.

12 mins: Australia with their first dangerous run through Koroibete darting in from the left, but there’s no phase play, and almost a costly interception, but Hill cannot hold on with dreams of a 60m try clouding his vision.

PENALTY! Australia 0-10 England (Farrell, 11)

Farrell, just outside the 22m, 15m in from touch, makes no mistake.

10 mins: England with a kickable penalty soon after wrestling the ball away from a Wallaby lineout.

Jordan Petaia has failed his HIA.

9 mins: Australia win their first lineout thrown on halfway before Lolesio chips and chases through the corridor. England deal with it, preceding a set of kick-to-kick that looks to favour Steward who kicks dangerously and chases hard but Wright does well to get out jail on the whitewash and then the tourists concede a breakdown penalty to let the Wallabies off the hook.

7 mins: England have taken the game on at pretty much every opportunity so far tonight. The pack have all hit the line at pace and the backs have shown quick hands. Bright start.

CONVERTED TRY! Australia 0-7 England (Vunipola, 5)

England score seconds after the restart! Simple 5m lineout throw, captured by Lawes, offloaded to Vunipola, and the maul swarmed over the line in the blink of an eye. Blitzkrieg stuff from the tourists.

Farrell curls over beautifully from near the left touchline.

First blood to England.
First blood to England. Photograph: Bradley Kanaris/The RFU/Getty Images

4 mins: England are on the front foot early, working through phases and hitting the line at pace. George and Vunipola both cross the gainline, then the ball goes wide to the left through hands at pace, including a nifty tap-on from Porter I think. Just as momentum starts to build there’s a turnover near the line and the Wallabies clear.

Not good for Australia though with Petaia looking a little wobbly after getting his head position wrong in a tackle. That’ll be an HIA.

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