How To Do a Basic Tarot Reading For Yourself Or a Friend

How To Do a Basic Tarot Reading For Yourself Or a Friend

The tarot is among the most common horoscopy practices that are adopted by many who are interested to know what their future holds for them or the others. Although it is among the conventional methods, it is also equally tough to master. Even though the basics of the tarot are pretty simple, the complexity increases as you progress further and try to learn more about them.

Here we will be going through what tarot is and how you can master it in a way so that you can apply it to know more about yourself or anyone of your friends.

What is Tarot?

Even though tarot decks have been around since the 14th century, the use of these decks for studying the horoscope during the late 1800s when a French occultist Jean Baptiste who linked up the tarot cards, astrology, and ancient Egyptian mythology. 

How can you choose a deck?

There are several types of tarot decks available to choose from, like the Tarot de Marseilles deck, Black Power deck, and many more. Many specialists in tarot card reading believe that the first deck must be gifted.

How to start with tarot card reading?

As you are a relatively new student of this artistry, you can go through a free tarot reading online, accurate sites that will teach you to step by step on how to master this art. 

The Major and Minor Arcana cards together form a pictorial language. The answers you are trying to find are within the cards, with each of them illuminating about a person.

 Before you begin reading the cards, shuffle the cards. It is necessary to feel the cards physically so that you can predict your questions if you are conducting the tarot reading for yourself. If you are doing it for a friend of yours, this method will help you get deep into the situation and assist you in figuring out specific questions for them.

It would be best if you cleared your deck before you begin studying the cards as this will open the road in between the spiritual dimensions.

The three-card spread is among the easiest and the most effective card spread. You can fix the groups to indulge in any situation. Before you start analyzing the cards, prepare a story based on the observations. 

Ask a few questions when you start your tarot card reading sessions.

  1. What do you feel when you draw the cards?
  2. What are the colors and characters on the cards you are drawing?
  3. Are the drawings close-knit or jumbled up?

Your instincts will guide you and strengthen your memory as you begin learning this art. In due time you will develop your system and patterns, and every card will have a definition that suits you

You will need to give enough time and practice as much as possible to master this technique. Then you can generate real and precise prophecies. It would be best if you think logically, have a curiosity for this art, and a strong intuition to be a good tarot card reader.

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