8 Reasons Beanbags Are The Next Big Thing In Household Seating

8 Reasons Beanbags Are The Next Big Thing In Household Seating

There’s a new trend taking American houses by storm, and it’s funky, versatile, and great for people of all ages, and this trend is bean bags!

What Is A Bean Bag?

Bean bags have been around for years, but recent advancements in fabric technology have allowed bean bags to take on a whole new look and feel. 

Take the foam bean bag from Fombag, for example. These come in all different shapes and sizes, from the traditional bean-filled bag shape to a flat giant pillow shape and even a more rigid bean-filled chair shape that is super comfortable for everyone.

It’s obvious that bean bags are making a comeback into the homes up and down the US, but if you need a little more convincing, here are eight reasons why you need to invest in a bean bag or two for your home this year.

They’re Super Comfy For All Ages

Bean bags have the unique ability to be able to support your body no matter what shapes you get yourself into.

For kids, this is great because they can laze across, on top, or flop over the side without the worry that they will damage the furniture, and for adults, this means having seating that supports poorly backs and tired muscles, giving you a true zero-gravity feel to your night.

While they might be a bit more tricky to get off of than a regular sofa, a giant bean bag made for two makes the perfect place for cuddling up and watching a movie together.

They Make Great Pet Beds

Pets, just like humans, love a good comfortable place to sit and sleep away the night (and day), and there’s no better place for them than a decent-sized bean bag.

Just like the benefits for their human families, bean bags provide a great level of support for all of their body, which can be an especially welcomed relief for pets who have poor joints or elderly pets who want a nice quiet place to relax and live out their golden years.

They Can Be Great In The Pool

Did you know that most bean bags are made with waterproof filling materials that mean they can float?

While not every bean bag is suitable for the pool, and it’s worth checking with your supplier; specifically, it is possible to get a giant bean bag that is pool safe and ready to be used just like a regular lilo in the pool.

The perfect accompaniment if you want to take your sunbathing from the poolside to floating on the water on a sunny afternoon.

Added to this, a giant bean bag in the pool is a great addition for kids as it can be included in so many water games that they will be kept amused for hours on end!

They’re Great For SEN Kids

Kits with special educational needs (SEN) like autism or any other sensory processing disabilities often find that bean bags are better to sit on than normal chairs. 

Many factors are contributing to why this is, such as the ability to mold the bean bag into any shape, making it ideal to fit into specific spaces that the kids have set up as a retreat. 

The range of colors and textures is also a reason why children who have sensory processing difficulties love bean bags, they can usually get a bean bag that suits their needs from a look and feel perspective, and many children who have additional needs find comfort in being able to knead and play with the beans while they’re in the bag due to its very calming abilities.

They’re Safe For Younger Kids

Whenever there are younger children in the house, safety is always a big concern. From the time babies begin to crawl right up to when they’re children in school, being able to leave them unsupervised for a few moments is a parent’s dream. 

For many parents, the concern with normal furniture is how heavy and unwieldy it is for younger kids, but with a bean bag, this is not a problem. 

Where a chair has the risk of falling on a child and injuring them, bean bags don’t have this problem, and they’re usually much lighter than normal furniture anyway, creating a soft and easy to play with piece of furniture for kids.

They Are Wood Free

There’s a lot of concern about the amount of wood used to create cheap and disposable furniture. Even IKEA is doing work to ensure their furniture has a slightly longer life expectancy due to the environmental concerns about a throw-away culture.

Luckily for bean bag lovers, the amount of wood used is practically zero!

Bean bags can be made from recycled materials and organic cotton, making them a great option for people who are more concerned about the environment. Their ease of recovering also means they can fit into a new decor refresh with ease too!

They Are Light And Easily Movable

When it’s time for a spring clean, the one thing that most people hate to do is to move their furniture.

It’s a necessary evil to get into all of the nooks and crannies, ensuring that every corner is dust and dirt free, but let’s face it, shifting a heavy sofa out of the way or a big armchair down the hall so you can dust underneath is never a task that is top of the ‘fun to do’ list.

This is another place that bean bags shine through! They are designed to be light and easily moveable, perfect for any household situation, and easy to shift out of the way when it comes to vacuuming time.

They Come In Loads Of Different Colors and Styles

Perhaps one of the best reasons to get a bean bag for your home is that they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

They are truly one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will ever own; they’re comfy too!

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