Beck Says He Regrets Denying “Odd Al” Yankovic’s “Loser” Parody

Beck Says He Regrets Denying “Odd Al” Yankovic’s “Loser” Parody

And thus the world skipped out on “Schmoozer”

Beck Says He Regrets Denying 'Weird Al' Yankovic's 'Loser' Parody

Photograph: Stephen McGill

Posted Jun 30, 2022

Even with some proof to the opposite (like, y’know, his songs), Beck took himself pretty seriously in the ’90s. “Unusual Al” Yankovic famously will not take just about anything significantly. That appears like the best formula for a dynamic parody! But as Beck uncovered in a new episode of Audible’s Terms + New music podcast collection, that tension was also the cause that said parody never came to be. 

As described by Billboard, Beck Text + Audio episode is named “Pricey Lifestyle” and features Beck telling tales from throughout his vocation. At this year’s SXSW, Beck mentioned that he’d re-recorded his songs “Loser” and “The place It is really At,” which are highlighted on the podcast. Billboard has a clip of the initial episode (that includes the re-recorded, noticeably more streamlined “Loser”) and in it, Beck tells the tale of how his “Weird Al” parody did not appear to be. 

Yankovic generally asks the topics of his parodies for authorization to toy with their tunes — a type and unnecessary courtesy, as parodies are safeguarded less than the Very first Modification — and as Beck tells it, the comic arrived at out to him about the launch of 1994’s shock strike “Loser,” telling him that he desired to release a parody of the track identified as “Schmoozer.” 

However, Beck turned Yankovic down, citing the concern that he wasn’t currently being taken seriously. In the Words and phrases + Songs clip, he recounted the story and claimed that he now regrets turning down the parody:

I had a large amount of individuals who ended up veterans in the company telling me at 20, 21, 22, “You must go again to faculty. You do not genuinely have the talent to do this. The music, as they are, aren’t likely to get the job done. They are much too tough. They are way too uncooked. They’re not real music. These are variety of, like, form of hodgepodge strategies.” It was not definitely taken critically at all. And when it came out and it was well-liked, it nonetheless was not taken that serious at all.

I indicate, you can go again to the press of the day. I just keep in mind myriad articles and headlines of “one-strike marvel joke band Beck,” “novelty act.” I bear in mind there was a assessment in a major paper in L.A. once, and it was not a lot of kindness. I felt really dismissed and type of, like, a bit of a footnote.

“Weird Al” Yankovic experimented with to do a parody of [“Loser”]. It was going to be called “Schmoozer,” which I regret denying him authorization to do. It would’ve been an astounding video clip. I am in fact really unfortunate that it did not transpire.

A Yankovic parody is a true honour — Madonna herself was awesome with “Like a Surgeon” — but probably it can be not too late for the environment to finally hear “Schmoozer.” 

The comprehensive episode of Words + Tunes comes out tomorrow on Audible, but you can examine out the clip at Billboard.

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