Bell: Calgary city council, look who’s in the doghouse!

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The councillor can’t just take his slap on the wrist and shut the hell up.

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He’s in the penalty box but he’s still chirping.

He’s in the doghouse but no muzzle will keep his yap under wraps.

Gian-Carlo Carra cannot let it go.

He has to have the last word. As usual.

There’s a scathing report from the city’s integrity commissioner.

It is first chewed over behind closed doors.

Four council members complained Carra insinuated they support child molesters and are not fit to serve because they supported a proposal coming before council and were seen to be working with Coun. Sean Chu.

Days later Carra apologized at a council meeting for his “offensive and harmful” tweet but on the same day, he liked a tweet on the same subject and both the tweet and the like of a tweet, essentially stating he was right in the first place.

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Integrity commissioner Ellen-Anne O’Donnell found this to be a personal attack on his colleagues and “egregious in nature.”

“Subsequent messaging continued to perpetuate personal attacks” and undermined “the intent and the sincerity of the verbal apology.”

A Twitter thread “rose to the level of abuse.”

Carra also appeared to infer a council member supported white supremacists and/or terrorists.

The commissioner finds such tweets concerning.

The report says Carra exhibited “intimidating behaviour.”

The council members complaining about Carra are concerned if they disagree with the councillor in the future, there may be more derogatory comments.

“They stated they felt this was a way for Councillor Carra to bully them into agreeing with him in the future.”

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The commissioner finds Carra “lacks the understanding of what constitutes safe and acceptable social media and fair comment about his colleagues.”

“The violation is moderate to severe in nature.”

This is Carra, the person who is such a loud advocate for politics in full sentences, reasoned and rational debate blah, blah, blah.

Until you dare disagree.

Carra will have to issue a must-be-published letter of apology to the councillors who complained.

Carra will be removed from running any city boards or commissions or committees until late October.

He will have to go through respectful workplace and social media training with the ethics adviser.

It is then Carra’s turn to speak up.

He says city council has a variety of views on social media and he wants his colleagues to ask those recommending the doling out of slaps on the wrist to show how council’s code of conduct should best apply to things like Twitter.

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Enter Jennifer Wyness. Now, Wyness is a rookie councillor I wouldn’t recognize if I passed her in the street.

She has never spoken to me.

But Wyness is on fire when hearing Carra flapping his gums.

“I don’t think the bully who is just found guilty by the integrity commissioner should be the one bringing the solution forward.”

The bully. There, she said it.

Mayor Jyoti Gondek wants Wyness to retract her comment.

Wyness gets away with a non-retraction retraction.

“I retract it but that’s my feeling.”

Well played, councillor!

Raj Dhaliwal, a rookie councillor I would recognize if I passed him on the street, offers up a nugget of common sense.

“We as elected officials, or even as human beings, should be in better control of our fingers and our head.”

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On this day, Carra gets another misconduct penalty for failing to appropriately disclose his financial interest in a property in Inglewood.

He has to write a must-be-published letter of apology to Calgarians and he must attend records management and ethics training.

Dan McLean, another councillor, also finds himself in the sin bin for not wearing a mask at a Christmas meet-and-greet in a city restaurant.

McLean has to attend ethics training.

He and three other councillors vote against.

Throughout the day the city hall somebodies go down the rabbit hole of debate, often staggering through the weeds, asking eye-glazing questions too tedious to report.

Anyone not paid to observe the drone-a-thon checks out.

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But city council goes on … and on … and on.

They know what they do makes for head-scratching, belly-laughing copy in the newspaper but they don’t care.

It’s the same old story where there are few consequences at the ballot box.

We do find out the big issue isn’t any of this stuff. Apparently, the lack of lawn mowing on city land is causing Calgarians to pop a vein.

Then, there’s Gondek not wanting the title “Your Worship” because it’s “clunky and colonial.”

Back a million years ago, I routinely called the colourless former mayor Al Duerr “His Beigeness.”

Hmm … is that clunky or colonial?

Late in the day, the politicians take a short breather after emotions run high and then it’s on to their pricey navel-gaze, debating a climate plan likely to go nowhere near what is promised, except when it comes to spending money.

Yet another exercise in what is known as virtue signalling, and this pie-in-the-sky isn’t even half-baked.

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