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Benefits of Gardening and Landscaping

Benefits of Gardening and Landscaping

Physical and Mental Benefits of Gardening

Even a small garden can save you a wad of cash at the grocery store.   An average size garden plot provides “an estimated 300 pounds of fresh produce worth $600,” according to a study by the National Gardening Association (NGA). That estimate is based on an investment of less than $100.  While saving money may be one of the benefits to growing a vegetable garden – let’s not forget that there are others as well.  With Georgia’s perfect levels of heat and humidity for growing your best garden yet, just thinking about it lifts your spirits. Proper planning helps you get moving safely, using the right equipment for the task. Your local garden supply store can help you select not only seeds and soil but also the correct size of the tools you need to achieve the look you want. After the built-in full-body exercise and the anticipation of the fruits and blooms of your labor, you can relax and enjoy dreaming of the results. Are you ready for more than a simple plot?

Financial Benefits of Landscaping

Consider landscaping the entire yard. A well-landscaped home is much more valued by potential buyers when compared with a home with little or no landscaping. The added value can be anywhere from 5 to 13 percent depending on the type of landscaping and the home’s beginning value. That translates into an extra $15,000 to $40,00 in sales price on a $300,000 home. When looking to pick a landscaping project, you have many great ideas to choose from. Is the shady spot under that awesome live oak your favorite? Why not make it the focal point of your landscaping plan? If you have always wanted that seating area where you could see the various stages of flowers in bloom, whether of roses, begonias, or of vegetables, adding an outdoor kitchen would be ideal. Having an outdoor option in an already shaded area, under a gazebo, or an awning, would reduce your overall summer cooling bill and give you greater use and enjoyment of your yard.  Companies like Gas South can guide you through what your options are for the space you have. With one click you get the power to choose what level of dining or entertaining you desire. Of course, you will increase the energy-efficiency of your home in the process, improving the value of your home. Add the fact that with two kitchen options, you will enjoy greater flexibility about where to heat food. You also would no longer have just a yard: your space becomes a destination you are sure to use more frequently, by day or by night.

Landscaping and Your Curb Appeal

During the summer holidays and celebrations, guests may enter your newly landscaped backyard without entering your home first. Since guests will most likely come indoors at the inevitable change of seasons, a pleasant passage to the front door is in order. From the curb, consider the style you would like to see. Will it echo the backyard or be completely different? If the front space is plain and flat, add trees and shrubs for height and variety that is appealing. Using hardscape that imitates features of the house and leads to both stairs and a well-built ramp will allow your home to be fully accessible to all visitors.

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