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Some FAQs About Wholesale Full-Color Printing and More With Print Direct For Less

Have you heard about Print Direct For Less? They can offer their customers a personalized touch that most others in their line of work cannot. Today we will be taking a look at some faqs that they tend to get from their customers. The answers they provide might give you some more insight as to who they are and why you should invest in their products.

What Types of Services Can You Offer Your Customers?

Print Direct For Less offers their customers everything from wholesale full color printing to 3-D graphics and more. The services provided extend to those living in North and South America, as well as Canada.

What Makes Your Company Better Than Others Offering the Same Services? How Can You Guarantee Lower Prices, Especially In This Day and Age?

I would not say that we are better than anyone else. The one thing that sets us apart is that we offer a personalized touch. We care as much about the bottom line as we do about who our customers are. The company is like a little gang. We combine the orders into separate kinds. We print them on large presses. Then, we tailor each order to the individual customer and their preferences. It starts as “bulk” and ends as “personalized.”

Our prices are fixed. Our customers share in the experience. They see what is happening every step of the way. We make sure that the end result is what the customer wants or we go back to the beginning.

How Do I Place An Order With You?

That is easy. You need to set up an account first. Those who already have an account can simply log in. We do not have the option of checking out as a guest right now. Create an account before you do anything. It makes it easier when you come back to place more orders. You can also create an account when you checkout. That is what a lot of our customers do.

FYI: We do not sell any information to others. Everything you share with us is personal and protected by our policies and company values. That is a question we get asked a lot.

How Do I Select A Product When There Is So Much To Choose?

You can select the product you want one of three ways: The Products Bar, Custom Quotes, or Designer. One thing that needs to be stressed is about choosing multiple orders. We cannot break them up into single items. You need to choose each item as if it were its own. We have seen some customers try that. It does not work.

Another question that gets asked about is the artwork. You cannot upload the art until the order has been placed. You need to wait for the confirmation email we send you. We will send you one once the order has gone through and everything is confirmed. We have had customers try to jump the line. Do not do that. It messes things up with our system.

Visit their site today. There is no better time to add a personalized touch to your print designs.

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