Top Benefits Of Using Microsoft Dynamics For Business In 2021

Top Benefits Of Using Microsoft Dynamics For Business In 2021


Ever since its launch, Microsoft Dynamics for Business upgrades continuously. With each update, new features and functionalities are added to the product – to expand its capabilities for the users. This year, a Wave 1 update will be released between April 2021 to September 2021, bringing to the table brand new features and functionalities. 

Talking of the updates in Business Central, a huge investment is made by Microsoft in improving applications to help customers – whether new or existing. The improvements also include new features that help users increase their productivity and performance. Want a detailed insight into these upcoming updates? The highlights of the updates are covered right here in this blog. Let’s get into them! 

  1. Most-Requested Improvements 

The about-to-be-released Wave 1 updates for Microsoft Business Central will deliver featured addressing the most-requested improvements by the previous users; along with other overall improvements. 

Among all the areas improved, banking and payments are the highlights, and Microsoft is responding by releasing several improvements in it. SO candidates with microsoft certifications will have lot of chances in getting recruited. These include making bank reconciliation reporting easy, simplifying bank statement file importing, and improving the payment reconciliation journal. 

Besides, the end-users of Business Central also request an easy way to correct errors caused by wrong dimensions in the general ledger. To fix it all, in the new release, Microsoft has added the “Correct Dimensions” action, allowing making corrections on posted entries, edit the dimension values, add more dimensions and remove them too. 

  1. Improved Integrations

Considering the integrations of the Teams platforms with Microsoft Business Central, the Wave 1 update has further integrated the ERP software with other Microsoft Dynamics for Business suit applications. Thus, bringing together the best collaboration tools that help manage business processes in a better way. 

With this update, the users will be able to quickly find business contacts stored in Business Central through the search box or message compose area in Microsoft Teams. Moreover, users can also share contacts with their coworkers in Teams conversations, view details of the contacts, and call them directly. 

Also, users will be able to use data from Business Central to merge mails with Microsoft Word and send them to many recipients simultaneously. And, utilizing cloud-enabled printing in the Business Central, users will also be able to print documents anywhere when connected to the internet and authenticated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). 

  1. Improvements For Modern Clients 

Through its portfolio of clients, Microsoft enables users to access and use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on different types of devices. This empowers users and improves their productivity, whether on the go, in the office, or at home. 

Moreover, with the new updates, Microsoft has made sure that the interface of Business Central is intuitive and powerful to use for modern users. Whenever and wherever needed, the new releases will cater to users across wide business roles and proficiency levels. 

  1. Simplified Onboarding Experience 

The release of Wave 1 updates will also introduce features that help users achieve productive usage of Microsoft Business Central quickly. This includes the “Getting Started” checklist which enables users to complete every milestone of setting up Business Central. Also, the new in-app visuals will help the users learn how to set up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Download. 

Other than that, the updates in the software will also simplify the initial setup wizard, as well as the wizard that guides users through the necessary steps of getting started with the use of Power BI in Business Central. 

  1. Improved Administration Features 

Some features intending to simplify and improve the way Microsoft Partners administer users of Business Central will also be released in Wave 1. For example, the way the administrators manage licensing and permissions for end-users will be improved. 

If a business has large silos of data and exporting the data in.bacpac format results in time-out, the update will provide a reliable solution to problems occurring in database exporting. Moreover, the Microsoft Partners of the software users will be able to perform the following actions: 

  • Pause job queues scheduled by licensed users
  • Restart failed job queues schedules by licensed users
  • Run job queues on time for a full cycle to verify its working 

Besides the above-mentioned actions, the partners will also not lose their administration access to the Business Central environment of users. However, for that, they need to be registered as business-to-business (B2B) users in the Azure AD directory to collaborate via Teams. In some cases, the Azure AD layout might change after implementing Business Central for the business. 

For instance, this usually happens after a business goes through a merger or an acquisition. If stuck in such a situation, users (business) can ask the Microsoft Partner to submit a support request to Microsoft Support. By doing so, the Business Central environment will be re-assigned from one Azure AD organization to the other one. Thus, helping the user maintain the business community whenever needed. 


Now that you are familiar with all the updates the Wave 1 release has in stores, we assume that you are convinced of the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Services. Hence, if you have still not started using the software for growing your business and automating work processes, get it NOW! 

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