Some Of The Best Air Coolers To Buy For Best Cooling

Some Of The Best Air Coolers To Buy For Best Cooling

Although the advent of air conditioners might seem to have diminished the demand for air coolers, market trends say otherwise. Leading electronics brands like Symphony, Orient, Bajaj, and Kenstar air cooler are introducing models with the latest technologies to enhance uniform cooling and ease operation, making them quite coveted among masses. 

The India air cooler market outlook 2021 had predicted the market size of air coolers to cross Rs.9000 crore by this year. Probably, the most prominent reasons why many individuals still prefer buying an air cooler are their hassle-free maintenance and portability. If these are the reasons urging you to opt for an air cooler this summer, here is a list of models offering efficient performance.

  • Orient Electric Smartcool- 16-Litre Personal Air Cooler (DXCP1601H)

Price – Rs.5,000 approx.

If you are looking for portability, this room air cooler from Orient is your suitable match. Equipped with a 16-litre tank, this variant can be placed anywhere within a room, owing to its ergonomic design. 

Sporting honeycomb cooling pads, the DXCP1601H is capable of efficiently cooling down rooms sized up to 150 sq. ft. The model consumes up to 140W for cooling with 1300 m3 per hour air delivery and 25 ft. air throw. Additionally, users can set a cooling speed as per their convenience with the air cooler’s 3-speed control settings.

  • Bajaj cool MD2020 54 L Window Air Cooler 

Price – Rs.6,800 approx.

Another window cooler with a higher tank capacity, the cool MD2020 from Bajaj, offers a powerful 70ft air throw which helps cool down room measuring up to 400 sq. ft. effectively. 

Unlike the previous Kenstar air cooler, this model uses Typhoon blower technology for efficient and fast cooling. It consumes up to 230W power. This air cooler also offers 3-speed blower control and features Super Air delivery to further accelerate cooling.

  • Symphony diet 35T personal tower air cooler 

Price – Rs.8,000 approx.

If you are looking for a personal air cooler with a slimmer design that helps save space, symphony air cooler can be an ideal choice. Symphony diet 35T personal tower air cooler has honeycomb cooling pads, the Diet 35T comes with a cool flow dispenser to ensure uniform distribution of water for enhanced cooling. 

Its i-Pure technology comprises dust, bacteria, and odour filters to circulate fresh and hygienic air for both indoor and outdoor usage. This air cooler features automatic louvres and also comes equipped with ice chambers for faster cooling. Additionally, it is designed to consume lesser electricity and is compatible with home inverters.

  • Kenstar Turbo Cool Dx 40 L Window Air Cooler

Price – Rs.9,600 approx.

This Kenstar air cooler is best suited for small to medium-sized rooms, measuring up to 105 sq. ft., and elevates the cooling experience by facilitating cross-ventilation. Consuming up to 190W, this model makes use of metal fans and comes with a 1-year warranty on the motor. 

Like the other air cooler variants mentioned above, it also comes with 3 settings for cooling speed. Plus, an overflow outlet at the bottom facilitates water drainage, and the appliance’s functions need to be operated manually.

  • Kenstar Hercules 80L RE desert air cooler

Price – Rs.13,000 approx.

Best-suited for cooling large areas up to 600 sq. ft., this Kenstar air cooler comes equipped with honeycomb cooling pads and delivers air at 4000 m3 per hour with a powerful 13.7m air throw. This model comes with a smart tool technology, comprising smart remote and humidity control to maintain the moisture content of indoor air. 

It requires 175W power consumption for cooling and offers 3-speed cooling settings. A water level indicator facilitates easy detection of refilling requirement and 4 castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Additionally, users can also connect this model with a home inverter for uninterrupted performance. 

Buyers can choose more air coolers from these brands, equipped with a plethora of features from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store’s network of more than 43,000 sellers.

Desert coolers are suited for halls, restaurants, and offices and usually come at a higher cost. However, using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card can help users address such expenses efficiently by facilitating their purchase through low-cost EMIs.

After browsing through more variants of the air cooler brands and types mentioned above, customers can choose the best air cooler according to their cooling requirements.

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