7 Ways To Choose The Best Bike Rack For Your Car

7 Ways To Choose The Best Bike Rack For Your Car

Regular hikers are road trippers and understand they need a good bike rack every time they embark on an adventurous trip. It is even more critical if you will be going on a road trip to somewhere mountainous or a place with rough terrain. It is easier knowing that your bike is secured in place in such a way that it will not fall as you move. But how does one ensure this is so? Well, it starts by choosing a good car rack for your bike. 

If your vehicle did not have an already installed rack, you need to start looking for a perfect match that would not destroy both the car and the bike. You may also want to change the existing rack if it does not serve its purpose efficiently. Whatever your motivation for scouting a new rack is, it is best to understand how to go about it. Keep reading for practical tips that you can apply on your next search.

  • Check for Compatibility

Choosing a bike carrier for car options is not as easy as many people assume. It may not be as easy as walking into a store and walking out with the best rack. You may be surprised if you have to go round and come back a few times before finding the ideal rack for your vehicle. But why is this so when there are numerous varieties and brands to choose from? Well, it is all a matter of compatibility. 

You need to select a rack that matches your car’s design and fit. Whether you want a roof rack or a back rack, it has to sync with how the vehicle is made. This is the only way not to damage both the car and vehicle. A rack can only be helpful if it can hold the bike in place without interfering with the vehicle’s design. Compatibility takes care of a lot of things. For instance, a tall SUV would not work well with a roof rack. Similarly, you may also want to know if you have a specific preference which brings us to the next point.

  • Personal Preferences

Sometimes it is challenging to settle for a car rack simply because you are not getting the color or style that you want. This can be a significant issue for people who wish to go with a specific type because of the trend they are going for or for a particular purpose. For instance, in an event with a theme, you would want everything to match. 

In such cases, you are likely to consider only specific racks in design and color, especially if they can work with your vehicle. When it comes to preferences, then this can be as diverse as it gets. The bottom line is always to choose what will work for you best. 

  • Size Matters

Not many people think about the size when choosing a rack. Whether you’re going for a roof rack or a back rack, it is vital to select a rack that it’s the size Snoroff your bike. The essence of buying the rack in the first place is to ensure your bike is secure in place. Make sure to test it before traveling or leaving the store. On this same issue, you also want to focus on a rack that can work for different sizes if you have other bikes. 

For example, when carrying kids’ bikes at one time, the rack should be adjusted to suit that size. The same applies when carrying adult bikes. In essence, choosing an adjustable car rack makes so much more sense than sticking to a fixed size. Of course, you can only do this if you are sure that you will not be carrying any other type of bike on the rack.

  • Play Around With the Weight

When choosing a bike rack, remember that capacity is a significant determinant of what you settle for. The rack you choose should be able to accommodate the bike’s weight. Most people select racks that have a bigger capacity than their bikes to be safe. It is better to do this rather than go for a smaller-sized rack that would not do its function. This will be a waste of resources as you are a force to replace the rack midway.

  • Longevity

Whenever you visit a store to buy an appliance or item that you intend to use for a while, then the longevity of the article matters. The same applies when dealing with car racks. No one wants to buy a rack that they will replace in a few months. Read reviews to know how long some of the rack options you intend to go for last. Fortunately, many manufacturers understand this and will ensure that the rack is sturdy enough to last long. Only purchase the rack if you are convinced about its lifespan.

  • Material Used

This is a significant consideration because it determines a lot of things, including lifespan and quality. The materials used to make the rack should be long-lasting and robust. Bikes can be heavy. This means that whatever holds them in place should be of even better quality. Ask about the rack’s material before spending your money on it. 

Manufacturers use different metal alloys to make these racks. You also want to choose a rack whose material allows it to contract and expand without affecting its quality. Remember that the rack will be exposed to outside weather. It should expand and contract reasonably lest your bike falls on transit.

  • Availability

Finally, it would be best if you considered the bike’s availability in the market. You can only buy what you find in the market. Check for brands that are popularly available as long as the quality checks out. This is one way to confirm that a product is good enough to continue being in production. 

You also do not want to go for something that will be hard to replace if you need it changed. Availability is a crucial factor when settling for a bike car rack. Search the internet on popular e-commerce sites to see what they may recommend before you ask about it at a physical store.

Final Thoughts

A good car bike rack may not be what you see the first time you walk into a store. Therefore, it is difficult to choose a good rack without considering a few factors. The most important thing is to find a bike rack that is compatible with your bike and vehicle.

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