What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 2000? Find Out Now!

Bluetooth Headphones

With the advent of bluetooth headphones, wired headphones have become a thing of the past with their ever tangling wires and inconvenience! But while bluetooth headphones are all the rage now, it’s difficult to find a good model that fits your budget without compromising on quality and latest features. But don’t worry, because we are here to help! In this article, we will discuss the best bluetooth headphones under 2000 so you can find the best one for you! 

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Here is a list of our top 4 Bluetooth Headphones under 2000 to buy in 2022: 

  • Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones

We are absolutely obsessed with this pair of headphones and we are here to tell you why you should be too! Known for their incredible bass quality, you’d be surprised that you can actually get these headphones for under 2000. Despite being lightweight, these headphones are super durable and can offer you upto 20 hours of continuous playback. It also has a voice assist feature that allows you to be completely hands free. Purchase your own pair for ₹1799 on Amazon today!

  • Infinity JBL Glide 500  

Yes, you read that right! The reputed JBL has an affordable pair of wireless headphones and we can definitely say it is one of the best bluetooth headphones under 2000. It boasts an in-built equalizer feature that allows you to change your trebles, bass and mids so you can customise your own listening experience. It is also integrated with Google Assistant to control your sound without even the touch of a button. Also, you must know with JBL, you can expect nothing but the best. You can purchase this pair on Amazon for ₹1499. 

  • Phillips TAH4205 On-Ear Headphone

From one of the most reputed brands in the tech industry, this is one of the best headphones available in the market for its incredible quality and sound. Popular for its clarity of sound and quality reception, there’s no feature that this pair lacks; be it hands-free calling, playback time and quick charging. This Phillips TAH44205 model provides you with 29 hours of continuous playback after only 2 hours of charging. How could you compare to that? Get your next pair today on Croma for only ₹1999. Too heavy on the bank account? Break it down with a no-cost EMI! 

  • Fire-Boltt Blast 1300

Is high-quality bass your main priority while purchasing bluetooth headphones? Then this Fire-Boltt Blast 1300 is meant for you! This beauty gives you up to 18 hours of non-stop smooth studio sound whilst also sitting snug and cancelling out background noise. These headphones also scream luxe because of their gorgeous metallic body. You can purchase these headphones on Amazon for ₹1499. 

  • Hammer Bash

If you are looking for a gorgeous, minimalistic design without compromising on any tech features, this might be the headphones for you. With the most comfy cushions that stay put throughout the day, these headphones are meant to be worn for a long time making them perfect for gaming. With a compatibility range of up to 10m and seamless sound and mic quality all while being lightweight, you might even forget you have these incredible headphones on! You can purchase the Hammer Bash Headphones on Amazon for ₹1999 today!

Now that you know all about out top 5 picks for best headphones under 2000, which option are you going to choose? 

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