Best Places to Live in Alberta as an Aging Adult



Life is transient, which explains the constant changes that keep happening in one’s life. From one’s financial state to one’s residence, everything changes at some point.

It explains why it may be tempting to try something new when retirement approaches. This may include the urge to move to an entirely different city, province, country or even purchasing a new house.

Whether one is moving out of a city or country, it doesn’t essentially matter. What really matters is if one is moving to the right place. Questions such as; ‘Does this city or country fit my lifestyle?’, ‘Am I going to be happy in this city?’, ‘Can I afford to move?’ are ought to be answered before choosing to relocate.

As suggested earlier, your ageing loved one is bound to want new experiences as they grow older. Alberta, one of the ten provinces in Canada, offers a plethora of opportunities to make new and lasting memories after retirement. It is an ideal location for older adults looking to live their best lives.

In Alberta, there are numerous living options for your older person. Seasons Retirement has its senior living homes situated in some of the best cities in the region. Moving on, this article will list some of these best cities in Alberta, stating the qualities that make them a desirable location.

1.    Calgary

Calgary is famously referred to as the jewel of Alberta. The city’s nickname is already a pointer to the fact that it is a treasure in Canada. Moreover, Calgary is famed for its unique healthcare system, making it a top choice for older persons.

Calgary has a beautiful cityscape, plus it is home to a lot of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. Also, there are a lot of beautiful neighbourhoods in the city. These areas are safe and offer their residents a rich quality of life.

The city of Calgary is designated as one of the cultural capitals of Canada due to its numerous festivals and events organized annually. The most famous Calgary event is the Calgary Stampede, which doubles as one of the largest festivals in the country. Interestingly, the city is nicknamed ‘Cowtown’ in reference to this event.

There are a lot of sightseeing attractions in Calgary, making it an ideal tourist destination. Calgary Tower, Calgary Zoo, Canada Olympic Park, and the Art Gallery of Calgary are some of the major city attractions that your loved one will enjoy visiting. 

2.    Camrose

Camrose is a city located in the central region of Alberta. Although it started as a small city along a railroad, Camrose has since moved its development around highway 13. Furthermore, it is famously referred to as the ‘Rose City’ due to the number of wild roses that grow in its parkland.

Camrose has a sparsely populated environment, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Moreover, the climate is relatively comfortable for both warm-weather and cold-weather activities. So, the population is mostly active all year round, making the city a perfect environment for your older loved one.

3.    Canmore

In Alberta’s rocky mountains, Canmore is a small town situated to the west of Calgary. This town is one of the best places to live in Canada. Canmore has beautiful scenery with two rocky summits – Three Peaks and Ha Ling Peak. Moreover, qualities, like a low crime rate, make it even more attractive to residents.

Now, while Canmore might be a rocky place, it is still very much accessible. Also, its proximity to Calgary allows the town and its residents to enjoy a top-quality healthcare system. Activities like golfing and hiking are available in Canmore, and they are just perfect for your older one.

4.    High River

High River, a town in the Calgary Metropolitan Region of Alberta, is one of the best places for your loved one to reside. Due to its tranquillity and serenity, High River offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

While the age group between 65 – 69 years old make most of High River’s population, the city has a median age of 42 years. Considering these statistics, it is clear that older persons have an affection for the small town of High River.

5.    Edmonton

Edmonton, the capital city of the Alberta province, is one of the best places to live in Canada. This city offers a lot of convenience and comfort to older adults. Meanwhile, the top-notch quality of Edmonton’s healthcare services makes it an even more attractive destination for those looking to enjoy post-retirement years.

Unsurprisingly, Edmonton is a beautiful place, and its natural scenery mirrors that. In addition to natural attractions, there are beautiful and landmark structures in the city.

For example, Ford Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest history museum, is situated in the city. Furthermore, Edmonton is home to the second most-visited mall in Canada called West Edmonton Mall. Without a doubt, you and other family members will enjoy visiting your loved one in Edmonton.


This piece is a compilation of the best places for older persons to live in Alberta. So, if your loved one wants to move to Alberta, this list should help them choose a preferred city.

Now, after making a move, your loved one may be looking to enjoy the benefits of senior living in Alberta. Seasons Retirement has several retirement communities at different locations in Alberta.

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