Best Prime Day gaming monitor deals: Sales you can shop now

Best Prime Day gaming monitor deals: Sales you can shop now


Prime Day 2022 gaming monitors deals graphic.

Prime Day lands next week (Tuesday, July 12 to be exact), and if you’re searching for a new display for your battle station, we’ve gathered some of the best Prime Day gaming monitor deals that you can take advantage of right now. There are deep discounts on some fantastic monitors available right now from among the biggest names in gaming technology, and the official Prime Day deals are likely to bring in even better prices — which means it might be a good idea to wait for the sales to arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you can’t hold out, however, then read on to see some bargains worth checking out now, as well as some advice for navigating the 2022 Prime Day sales.

Best Prime Day gaming monitor deals

  • Dell 25 Gaming Monitor — $280, was $430
  • Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor — $510, was $680
  • Lenovo 34-inch WLED Curved Gaming Monitor — $480, was $500
  • Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor — $1,460, was $1,950

Dell 25 Gaming Monitor — $280, was $430

25-inch gaming monitor by Dell with Magic Legends on the screen.

Why Buy

  • 1ms GtG response time
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • sRGB 99% color coverage
  • USB 3.0 hub built-in

The Dell 25 Gaming Monitor is a stylish and eminently practical monitor that will suit all your gaming needs. There’s a lot to love here besides its 24.5-inch full HD display. For instance, gamers will appreciate its speed. It has a response time of just 1ms gray to gray in Extreme mode while a refresh rate of 240Hz ensures that action is always silky smooth. If you love to play fast-paced games, you owe it to yourself to buy a monitor with as high a refresh rate as possible along with a super low response time. Combined, you’ll get the most from your hardware as you should when buying one of the best gaming monitors.

Besides the lack of motion blur and the improved smooth performance, fast IPS technology ensures you get great image clarity along with consistent colors from every angle. Support for 99% sRGB color coverage further helps here while an excellent pixel-per-inch ratio means sharp visuals all the time. You also benefit from a larger surface area thanks to a 3-sided ultra-thin bezel so there’s less plastic to look at while you game. Nvidia G-Sync compatible certification and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro mean that graphic distortions simply don’t happen as your monitor can sync up with your graphics card. The Dell 25 Gaming Monitor also supports a variable refresh rate which is a great technology for getting the most from your gaming time.

Other neat features include uniquely-designed vents for enhanced heat dispersal, a fully adjustable stand, plus a great on-screen menu that’s focused on your gaming needs. A built-in USB hub means you can hook up all your devices while it even has ambient lighting for a great style when gaming in low-light conditions. Easy to use and with some great results guaranteed, the Dell 25 Gaming Monitor is a dream to gaze at.

Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor — $510, was $680

Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor at an angle displaying a video game scene.

Why Buy

  • 1ms MPRT/2ms GtG response time
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • VESA Display HDR 400 certified
  • Immersive gaming experience

The Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor packs in a lot of high-end features to ensure this curved gaming monitor will appeal to anyone who loves to game. If immersion is everything when gaming, you really need a curved gaming monitor. In the case of the Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor, there’s the obvious advantage — a 34-inch display — but it offers so much more than that. For instance, its WQHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 offers you 34% more screen pixels than regular QHD meaning you get a super sharp, crystal-clear image along with a panoramic view. VA panel technology offers up an expanded 3000:1 contrast ratio while you also benefit from 90% DCI-P3 color coverage with 16.7 million colors. What does that mean? Deeper blacks, brighter whites, and far more vibrant colors overall. The monitor has VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification so you’re guaranteed more detail and color than an SDR display, as well as fantastic clarity and high contrast.

Response times are impressive, too. Low latency means a 1ms MPRT/2ms GtG response time so motion blur just isn’t going to happen. In conjunction, a 144Hz refresh rate ensures quick-moving visuals with fantastic clarity and reaction times. Bundling in AMD FreeSync Premium Technology further means that you’ll get the best experience here with the Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor able to get the most from your graphics card.

The Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor includes other useful features, too. It has a uniquely designed downlight that provides ambient and desktop illumination, proving ideal for gaming in low-light conditions. There are also vents on the back of the monitor which means enhanced heat dispersal as you game. A slim, tapered stand offers easy-to-adjust height, tilt, and slant tweaks too. Plus, it has a USB 3.0 hub built-in, giving you plenty of options.

Lenovo 34-inch WLED Curved Gaming Monitor — $480, was $500

The Lenovo G34w-10 ultra-wide curved gaming monitor, with a video game on the screen.

Why Buy

  • 1ms response time with MPRT
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Immersive gaming thanks to curved nature
  • Blue light emission protection

Who would have thought Lenovo would make one of the best curved gaming monitors, right? In the case of the Lenovo 34-inch WLED Curved Gaming Monitor, that’s exactly what they’ve done with a wealth of features to make this one appeal to avid gamers looking for an immersive experience. It offers a fantastic refresh rate of 144Hz so everything will look silky smooth. That’s further helped by its support for AMD Radeon FreeSync technology so you get a gaming experience that is free of screen tearing and input lag. The latter being extensively aided by an impressive response time of just 1ms with MPRT.

The idea is that you’re entirely immersed by the Lenovo 34-inch WLED Curved Gaming Monitor. It even has low blue light technology so your eyes are protected from strain, no matter how long you might be gaming for. An ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio with a total resolution of 3440 x 1440 means that gaming looks gorgeous at all times. A narrow bezel 3-side design means the Lenovo 34-inch WLED Curved Gaming Monitor looks great in your den or study, too, plus you won’t be staring at plastic for no reason.

Other features keep on coming as well. For instance, you can use its monitor stand to tilt or lift the position of the monitor, making sure you get things looking just how you like them. It comes with the option of either HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.4 along with offering audio out. Well designed in multiple different ways, the Lenovo 34-inch WLED Curved Gaming Monitor will look fantastic on your desk while also giving you a gaming session like few others. If you love to lose yourself in your favorite games, this is the optimal way to do exactly that.

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor — $1,460, was $1,950

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor showing video game scene, on a white background

Why Buy

  • True 1ms GtG response time
  • Huge display
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification

The Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor is the ultimate gaming monitor, as you’d expect at this price. Of course, it’s huge with its 37.5-inch display but it offers so much more than that. Its native resolution of 3840 x 1600 means you’ll see every tiny detail of the game you’re playing but that wouldn’t be much use if it lacked other wow factors. Thankfully, a true 1ms GtG response time and refresh rate of 144Hz ensures that motion blur just doesn’t happen, and your game will always look super clear. Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate certification means it syncs up beautifully with your graphics card, ensuring brilliant HDR renderings with HDR-capable games. The Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor also has VESA DisplayHDR 600 with localized dimming, thereby improving the contrast ratio with greater color depth, remarkable clarity, and a reduced halo effect as you play.

IPS Nano Color technology further helps here, being the cinema standard, so you get wider color coverage than sRGB meaning colors are richer and more lifelike than before. Supporting 95% DCI-P3 across a wide-viewing angle is another great feature, too. A 23000R curved screen, you benefit from a 21:9 aspect ratio that means an enhanced field of vision, along with reduced distortion, glare, and reflection. In all, you get 24% more screen pixels than regular WQHD but with the advantage of some super clear clarity.

Appealing in pretty much every way, the Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor deals with the little things well too. Custom lighting can be set up with a gaming OSD helping you pick out options. A fully adjustable stand with height markers helps you get things lined up just how you need them, while ComfortView technology helps cut back on blue light emissions, easing potential eyestrain. A built-in USB hub rounds off the great extras, too.

Gaming monitor deals FAQ

If you’re keen to get the best bang for your buck when buying a new gaming monitor, it’s important to know when to buy. With Prime Day coming up fast, we’re counting on some great Prime Day deals to ensure you get more for your money. Here’s what to expect when it comes to Prime Day deals, and whether you should buy a new gaming monitor now or wait.

When are the best gaming monitor deals?

Traditionally, there are some better times of year for gaming monitor deals but there’s kind of a catch too. See, if you need a new monitor, you need a new monitor. We get that. If your existing monitor has just died, or you’ve just upgraded your gaming setup, you kind of need a new gaming monitor right now. Oftentimes, there are good deals going on throughout the year so you really won’t miss out too much by buying now.

However, if you can hold out for whatever reason or you’re super keen to save bigger, there are some better times for snagging the best gaming monitor deals. For instance, Prime Day is coming up. Typically in the summer, Prime Day is Amazon’s birthday celebration but it rarely means discounts solely at Amazon anymore. These days, you’ll often see big price cuts across many popular retailers around the Prime Day sales making this a great time to seek out an awesome gaming monitor deal.

Alternatively, if you can wait even longer, there’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Neither event occurs until straight after Thanksgiving so you need to wait until near the end of the year, but discounts are often great across many categories including gaming monitors. All sales often focus on technology being reduced so we’d expect to see some great gaming monitor deals.

However, you’ll need to wait a while to reap the biggest benefits and there’s not even any guarantee that the discounts will be that great. They could be incremental or only slightly better than what we’re already seeing now. Worst of all, you may find your budget is tighter while you try to balance out holiday spending alongside buying yourself a new gaming monitor.

Simply put, if you can’t wait, buy now. If you keep holding out for the best deal, it may never come, and you won’t get to enjoy a new gaming monitor for as long.

When do the Prime Day gaming monitor deals start?

Amazon recently announced the Prime Day 2022 dates and it’s not long away at all. In fact, it’s just a few days away with the two-day event lasting between July 12 and July 13. Even better, Amazon has announced that it is launching some early Prime Day deals to mark the occasion and get everyone into the buying mood. While we don’t know if these will involve gaming monitors, this is definitely the time to keep an eye on what’s unfolding at Amazon.

Since 2015, Prime Day has grown from strength to strength with the sale typically occurring in July. That’s because July is the month in which Amazon was founded. Back on July 5, the company was founded, leading to the behemoth of a retailer that we now all know. There have only been two notable exceptions throughout the run of Prime Day as to its date. Back in 2020, it was moved to October due to supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, in 2021, it was moved to June. Other than that, it’s always been held in July and we can’t see that changing again.

Where are the best Prime Day gaming monitor deals?

For the absolute best Prime Day gaming monitor deals, it makes sense that these would be on Amazon. After all, Prime Day is an exclusive event for Prime subscribers so it needs to offer some exceptional deals. However, other retailers are also keen to get involved so it’s likely that we will see some of the best Prime Day gaming monitor deals outside of Amazon as well.

These will likely come from popular retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy, as well as potentially manufacturers like Dell and Samsung. The gaming monitor market is a competitive field so count on seeing some great offers if you’re able to spot them. That’s why we’re on hand, keeping you updated with the best Prime Day gaming monitor deals as soon as they emerge.

Companies like Walmart and Best Buy also have the advantage of often allowing you to buy online before picking up in-store which can be particularly useful if you’re looking to get a new gaming monitor as quickly as possible.

Should you shop gaming monitor deals now or wait until Prime Day?

Prime Day is generally a pretty good time to buy any kind of technology. Amazon is often keen to discount technology and gadgets in particular as its customer base is always keen on such price cuts. It’s likely that other retailers will follow suit to stay competitive. You also have the fact that Prime Day is really not very long away so most people should be able to wait it out. However, if your current gaming monitor has just failed and you either don’t have a replacement or your backup option isn’t great, we won’t blame you if you buy now. There’s no guarantee that you will save a fortune by waiting until Prime Day. Instead, the discount could be incremental. In some cases, you may even be able to return the item although check the returns policy before doing so.

However, arguably, the bigger question is whether you truly need a gaming monitor. Gaming monitors are not cheap so it’s important to budget accordingly. Check out our look at the best gaming monitors and see if you’re able to invest that much to get the most out of your gaming time. Still, some do run as cheaply as $200 so don’t be afraid to do some research.

It can also be worth your while consulting the best 32-inch gaming monitors along with the best 4K gaming monitors too. The latter makes a huge difference to picture quality but it can get pretty pricey. Also, a 4K gaming monitor demands a gaming setup that can run games at 4K resolutions which may mean you’ll need to spend more to upgrade your PC.

For the ultimate experience, the best ultrawide gaming monitors and the best curved gaming monitors give you an immersive experience like nothing else out there. Again, these are some of the most expensive gaming monitors, but they’re worth the investment if you can afford to do so.

In all cases, consider what’s most important to you. If you can only afford a cheap gaming monitor, you should still be happy with the results if you’re stuck with a standard monitor right now. Alternatively, big sales like Prime Day can mean you can buy a much more feature-packed monitor for less. Focus on your priorities. Do you need a 4K screen? Gaming at 1080p or 1440p can be more affordable. Do you need a built-in USB hub or a wealth of tweaking options or are you fine with the basics? Only you know the answer here so think about it a lot before you dive in.

Buying now is a smart move if you need a gaming monitor straight away, but waiting for Prime Day can prove more beneficial. Prime Day is pretty much the best sales event besides Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so you can’t get much better than the deals you’ll see as part of Prime Day. By waiting it out for Prime Day, you may be able to get a lot more for your money and be able to gain that 4K ultrawide experience you’ve always dreamt of.

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