Betting Tips for Beginners

Betting Tips for Beginners

There are a lot of people pretending to be sports betting gurus and selling their picks so you do not need to do any work. However, it is important to know exactly what to look for as if you are brand new to the sports handicapping world, it could be a little intimidating. Today’s article is geared towards you to get some basic tips and make sure you can make some money throughout your betting career.

The best online casino can provide you with some advantages, but we are going to stick to the sports betting side of things as casinos are a completely different animal here. Let’s get into the first tip!

Avoid Parlays

Betting parlays are a tough industry to be on as people love the idea of parlays since you can make them as ridiculous as you’d like and can make thousands off a $5 bet if things go your way. However, that is essentially throwing your money in the garbage as it is almost a wish and a prayer for one to hit. 

Stick with straight bets if you are newer to sports betting, as the house has a huge advantage when you are betting parlays, making the odds longer to entice bettors to make a wager. Avoid these if you want to build up your payroll in the beginning of your betting career. 

Do Your Homework

There was a reason while growing up that teachers made homework a large percentage of your overall grade as it is the same thing in the world of betting. Obviously, there is some luck involved with sports betting as you have no ability to influence the outcome of the actual game. 

Find websites and sources you can use to help make sure you have the betting trends and statistics. Always have reasoning behind each wager you place; otherwise, you are blindly throwing a dart on the dartboard. 

Do Not Chase Your Losses

This might be the most important thing to take from this article. You are going to end up losing wagers throughout your betting career, and it is important how you bounce back after that. Chasing your losses typically is just a faster way to lose even more money. 

What exactly is chasing your losses? If you lose a wager and increase the amount of the following wager in an attempt to win back some, if not all, of what you lost. You need to be cool, calm, and collected if you want to make money as losses are going to be inevitable. 

Bet the Odds, Not the Teams

This might not make too much sense by the title, but you will definitely understand. Betting on teams like the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, and Los Angeles Lakers are going to get a lot of bets as they are some of the most popular teams in the entire world. Sportsbooks know that too well so they will make the odds less favorable for bettors. 

Instead, people bet the odds for the opposing team as those are a little bit more juiced on that side. Don’t be afraid to bet the odds that provide value and not the name of the teams competing. Some people try to do this by not betting on their favorite teams since that will blind them from betting against them due to fan loyalty. 

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Odds

This is something I believe in that traditional bettors will disagree on. However, I believe that the only bad bet to make is a losing one, and no odds are too heavy to make, as long as you make money in the process. That means if you were to bet a -10000 favorite to win and they do, that is a good bet since you made money. 

Now that is not saying that it is the smartest thing, as there are definitely wagers with better odds that can make you more money, but that is still a good bet to make even if you are wagering a lot to win an insignificant amount of money. 

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