Blunders to Avoid While Buying a Full Coverage Maternity Bra

Blunders to Avoid While Buying a Full Coverage Maternity Bra


Eventually, if you’re a new mom or expecting a baby, then surely you must be sailing through essentials that satisfy your baby to-do list. There’s no doubt that your nursery zone must be stocked with a huge baby shower haul. Simply, we can say that you have imagined and added every required baby gear, but have you just thought exactly what you need to support your changing body. We believe, not really! 

Though you may find everything done and sorted, you might miss one peculiar thing on this stage. That’s none other than having a full coverage push up bra that is going to work every minute with your post-pregnancy body. Purchasing a comfy wireless bra is similar to achieving a milestone. 

However, you may get plenty of sources sharing on how to buy the right maternity bra. But there must be very few sources that will guide you to avoid common mistakes while buying a cotton sleep bra. Wondering why is this so important? 

As a mother, you will surely know that a maternity bra is something your breasts will need the most. As breastfeeding is going to be a lifeline for your little one, admittedly, your breasts need maximum care and comfort. You may don’t have that much time to visit or shop around local stores, that is why it is better to buy online for a full coverage maternity bra.  

Now, let’s get started with the mistakes that you need to avoid during the bra selection process.

Never Underestimate Professional Fitting

Most women buy bras during their first trimester, which is practically not the ideal time to buy one. Always keep in mind that your breasts are going to adapt to a change. For sure, every expecting mother deserves a perfect bit of maternity bra at least during the pregnancy stages of her life. A wireless bra that fits well and is super comfortable because your breasts will undergo significant changes during post-pregnancy, and most notably during breastfeeding. So, always measure yourself well, and experts recommend picking a size larger than your actual bra size so that bra fits without any problem.

Not Purchasing at the Right Time

The second most common mistake a mother can make is purchasing the bra at the wrong time or too prior. Remember, even being a mother, you actually can’t determine how your breasts are going to change during the last months and post-pregnancy. So, always buy a full coverage push up bra after being engorged. For instance, you can buy it like after 2-3 weeks after birth as you will get to know your new bust size. Ultimately, you will be able to choose a bra that fits perfectly while giving unconditional support. 

Considering “Too extra” in Size

Another frequent mistake expecting mothers make is when they purchase an extra-large size just because they think that their bra dimensions are going to change. Doing this can eventually lead to having a poor-fitted cotton sleep bra that will hang loose and won’t give you the support you may require during that time. Positively, take care of this aspect and do not buy a too large bra size. After all, you will want to purchase a bra that has fitted cups, comes in high-quality 4-way stretchy fabric, has clip down straps, and is wireless underneath. 

Remember the Hook Potential

As mentioned earlier, the body, along with the breasts, is also going to experience changes. So, always purchase a cotton bra for maternity that has at least 3-5 hooks and a solid band beneath as it is going to provide 80% of the support to your breasts.  

Ultimately, keeping all these mistakes in mind and avoiding them at the moment is going to be highly useful. Certainly, it is suggested to buy at least 3 full-coverage maternity bra – One to wash, one to wear on, and one to spare. What else can make you feel more relaxed when you will be fully prepared for the unexpected leak or a baby spit-up!

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