How Long Does Bondic Take to Cure?

How Long Does Bondic Take to Cure?

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If you are a little clumsy and have broken something that you loved, you also know how heartbreaking it is to have to get rid of it because it is irreparable. Often we try to repair it ourselves, but there are simply just some things that superglue cannot get to hang the same again after it is separated in two. 

Bondic is the new and permanent solution for repairing our broken essentials. It repairs all types of cracks within seconds. According to my 8 months of user experience, I will tell how long does Bondic take to cure and its overall performance. Keep reading this article and get the finest solution for all crack repairs.

What is Bondic?

Bondic is a very simple tool made for gluing many things together without sticking to anything that comes near you. Its standard liquid adhesive formula and UV light technology allow you to fix unrepairable things. The adhesive only dries up when the UV light moves over it. Within a few seconds, you will get a super-strong bond. 

I have tried the Bondic on all surfaces and conditions. It has provided a versatile and resistant performance with a long-lasting bond. Its adhesive sticks on my fingers a few times. I never feel messy fingers and toxicity. Anyone can use it with 100% safety.

How long does Bondic take to cure? 

Bondic can repair any cracks within 4 to 5 seconds after applying the liquid adhesive and UV light. It almost looks like a small glue stick where the glue comes out of a funnel at the end. Its liquid adhesive never dries out in the open-air condition. For this feature, you can keep the liquid tube open and use it for a lifetime. 

Bondic can be used on almost all surfaces: wood, metal, glass, ceramics, plastic and many more. It is definitely a strong enough binding that you can be sure it fits together once you have used Bondic. It works faster and ensures a rock-solid bond than super glue.

The UV glue ensures that your repair lasts a long time. Its bond will last up to 10 times longer than if you had used normal superglue. You do not need to hurry to put the joints together anymore. Bondic glue does not dry until you are ready to expose the glue to UV light, it will remain liquid.

Do not be afraid to stick your fingers together. The adhesive is non-toxic and the UV light is harmless. You should also not be scared to burn yourself on something because you do not need to apply heat to dry the Bondic liquid adhesive.

How to use this revolutionary liquid plastic welder system?     

Bondic works differently from other super glues. But it is not difficult to use. Let’s see how to use this revolutionary liquid plastic welder system.


It is the first step. Take the Bondic and apply the liquid adhesive on the broken surface. Clean the surface before applying adhesive to get a permanent and stronger bond. The glue remains in its liquid situation. No need to fear sticky fingers and toxicity. It is friendly to our skin.


The second step is curing. Turn on the Bondic UV light and expose the light on the liquid glue. Do not remove the UV light until the adhesive becomes hardened. You will see that the light weld the broken surface from both sides. This UV light is safe for us.


After completing the previous 2 steps, your broken essential is repaired. Now, you can use machine paint to give a new and smooth finish. The joint lasts longer and takes the heavyweight. I have experienced stable performance in water, heat, oil, acid and all other situations.

Bondic UV Plastic Welder : User reviews

I know it looks a little too good to be true. Here, I have presented a few reviews of those users who have used it.

  1. At first, I only wanted to try Bondic on objects that didn’t have that much emotional value. Then I found that it works and is actually an amazing plastic welder. I especially like that it resembles a pen in shape, as that makes it easy to use. Now I am crazy about it and I’ve glued it up to the iPhone charger cable, which was torn up. It repairs the cable perfectly!
  2. I heard about the Bondic and wanted to try first how strong it really is. I used it first in the hole in my door. I filled and painted the hole and you don’t even notice it had a hole. After that, I started filling the holes in my walls with it. The Bondic’s glue tube is so small. It would be better to have glue in a larger package.

Final Word

Bondic is the perfect solution to repair all broken essentials. But how long does Bondic take to cure? Apply liquid adhesive and UV lights on the joints and see the result within 4 to 5 seconds. It ensures a 10 times durable bond than other glues. It is safe even if there are animals or children in the household!

Bondic’s adhesive is also easy to clean away from the wrong places, as the glue does not dry without UV light. For instant and permanent repair, the Bondic is the better alternative of the super glue. The plastic welder looks small but really works.

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