All About Branding Your Events With Golf Course Signs

Golf Course Signs

Branding an event with the help of golf course signs can make your event look huge and big. Golf Course events are supposed to look big and better. And the signs of marketing are designed to impress players as well as sonsers. Only if these signs look impressive, the event can be made look bigger.

Golf course hole signs are generally made in a single type. It has a little bit of plastic on the wire stand. Such small signs show that it is a charity event. But if the tournament is professional, big signs, banners and billboards are usd for branding. So in case you want to make your event look more professional and bigger, golf course hole signs on banners and billboards can help you out. All your event sponsors will love you for the marketing you did and many other companies will want to be involved with you for the same in the upcoming year.

Types Of Golf Course Signs You Need

There are different signs other than the golf course hole signs that you need to impress the sponsors as well as layers. These signs should be designed by keeping in mind the target audience and event. Here are the following signs that you need while branding at the golf course.

Tournament Banner

This is a type of branding sign that would gain everyone’s attention. It should be large enough so that it can be seen by everyone in and around. The design should include the name of the event and title sponsor. An average tournament banner size is somewhere around 3’ by 6’ (height by width).

This is an important sign that highlights the sponsors of the event. A sponswer sign should be placed at the registration tab;e and include all the sponsor logos in different sizes, depending on the investment made by them. The size of the sponsor sign should be the same as the tournament banner, 3’ by 6’ (height by width).

Hole Sign

Golf course hole signs are generally placed on the tee box of every hole. If the golf course has 18 tee boxes, two signs can be put on each. The size of these signs should be 18” by 24” (height by width) and it can be placed on the wooden stakes and further ponded in the ground. You can consider putting the name of the sponsor with the logo on the hole sign board and the name of the tournament that is being held at the bottom.

Cart Signage

These are small signs that are placed on all the carts. They are small in size, around 8” by 12” (height by width). You can include the name of the tournament and the Title sponsor on the sign board.


For every hole at the golf course, you can create a special sign. It can have the name of the tournament as well as title sponsor on it.

This was all about the branding that can be done at the golf course for the players and sponsors.

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