Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon’s Son: Legendary Love Cannon Born in July 2022

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon's Son: Legendary Love Cannon Born in July 2022


legendary love cannon – Bre Tiesi may be the newest addition to Selling Sunset, but her most important role is that of a mother to her and Nick Cannon’s son, Legendary Love Cannon.

The model and real estate agent welcomed their child in July 2022.In January 2022, Cannon revealed on his self-titled show that he and Tiesi were expecting a baby, merely a month after the birth of their 5-month-old child, Zen, whom he had welcomed with model Alyssa Scott, tragically passed away due to brain cancer.

Throughout her pregnancy, Tiesi spoke highly of Cannon and their relationship, emphasizing the support and positivity they share. In an interview with E!’s Daily Pop, she expressed admiration for Cannon’s character, personality, and how he treats others, highlighting those qualities as more important to her than anything else.

Tiesi joined the cast of Selling Sunset in August 2022, as announced by Netflix. However, she later revealed that certain aspects of her life and her relationship with Cannon were not accurately portrayed on the show, stating that there was some dramatization involved. In one episode, Tiesi claimed that Cannon was not providing child support, emphasizing her commitment to providing for her son independently.

Despite the challenges and occasional drama, Tiesi and Cannon strive to create a loving environment for their son. They regularly share heartwarming moments with baby Legendary on social media, providing glimpses into their supportive dynamic as parents.

The Birth of Legendary Love Cannon in July 2022

After announcing their pregnancy in January 2022, Cannon shared photos of the couple’s gender reveal party. Six months later, Tiesi gave birth to their son, Legendary Love.

Tiesi documented her pregnancy and delivery in an 11-minute YouTube video, showcasing her “all natural” home birth. She expressed deep gratitude to her support team and highlighted the life-changing experience of becoming a mother. Tiesi also acknowledged Cannon’s significant role and support throughout the process.

Legendary Love Cannon’s Social Media Presence

Despite his young age, Tiesi’s son has already gained a significant following on his personal Instagram account, managed by his mother. With over 14,000 followers, Legendary captures the hearts of many as Tiesi shares adorable content featuring him.

Tiesi frequently posts pictures of her son enjoying various holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween, engaging her audience with his delightful presence.

Heartwarming Moments: Legendary Love and His Parents

Tiesi shares heartwarming content on Instagram, showcasing Legendary playing with both her and Cannon. In one video, the family of three visits a gymnastics gym, where Tiesi guides Legendary on the balance beam while Cannon eagerly awaits his son’s approach.

During Easter 2023, Legendary had a blast playing with paints, resulting in a colorful mess on his face and clothes. He even received his own basket of Easter eggs, adding joy to the festive occasion.

In a recent video, Tiesi captured Legendary’s excitement as he splashed around in his baby pool, getting ready for summer.

Tiesi’s Candid Thoughts on Motherhood

In September 2022, Tiesi openly shared her struggles with the demands of motherhood, particularly the challenges of sleep deprivation. In an Instagram Story, she expressed her exhaustion after several sleepless nights and her son’s persistent crying. Although she received unsolicited advice suggesting she hire help, she responded assertively, emphasizing her independence.

A few days later, Tiesi clarified her previous post, explaining the difficulties she faced during that particular moment as a mother. She addressed the negative feedback and reiterated that she did not appreciate unsolicited comments about her personal life.

Legendary Love Cannon: A Brilliant Child

During season 6 of Selling Sunset, Tiesi described her son as “brilliant” and jokingly attributed it to Cannon’s “super sperm.” While she didn’t provide further details about his brilliance, she playfully compared Cannon’s numerous children with other women to Santa Claus on Christmas.

Throughout the season, Tiesi faced scrutiny and questions about her relationship. When asked about being in a “polyamorous relationship,” she responded by stating that she was simply happy in her current relationship with Cannon, emphasizing their shared joy and the birth of their child.

Following the release of season 6 on Netflix, Tiesi posted a photo with Legendary and Cannon, expressing their contentment and love for each other.

Finances and Child Support for Legendary Love Cannon

Both Tiesi and Cannon have addressed the topic of financial support for their son publicly. During the season, Tiesi mentioned that child support may not be required after having ten children, but her lawyer clarified that this claim was inaccurate. In California, a father is legally obligated to provide child support regardless of the number of children he has.

Cannon, in an interview on Jason Lee’s podcast, discussed his financial support for his children and stated that he does not rely on the government-run child support system. He emphasized his willingness to provide whatever his children need and shared his commitment to their well-being.

In response to the public’s reaction to Tiesi’s comment about child support, Cannon posted a photo of himself and Tiesi with a Lamborghini he gifted her for her birthday, humorously referring to it as “Lambo support.” He reiterated that they have their own financial arrangements and expressed his willingness to provide for their children.

Bre Tiesi’s Future Plans and Legendary Love Cannon

In a “ask me anything” session on Instagram in January 2023, Tiesi revealed that she does not intend to have any more children. She acknowledged that she has support and help in raising Legendary and commended women who handle the responsibilities of motherhood without assistance.

Tiesi clarified that she is not a single mother and appreciates the support system she has in place. She shared her admiration for women who not only raise their children but also take care of their spouses.

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon’s son, Legendary Love Cannon, has brought joy and love to their lives. Despite the challenges, they navigate parenthood with dedication, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for their child.


When was Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon’s son, Legendary Love Cannon, born?

Legendary Love Cannon was born in July 2022.

How many children does Nick Cannon have?

Nick Cannon has multiple children, and while the exact number is not specified in the article, he has welcomed several children with different women.

What is the status of Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon’s relationship?

The article doesn’t explicitly mention the current status of their relationship, but it highlights their commitment to creating a loving environment for their son and their shared joy in parenthood.

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