Five Simple Tips On How To Write A Good Business Essay

Five Simple Tips On How To Write A Good Business Essay

Every student of a Business degree wants to have impeccable writing skills. It comes as no surprise that students have to generate many essays within their studies. Such works help them develop their writing and critical thinking skills. Professors also benefit from such assignments, as they show whether a student progresses and understands the topic. 

But how to identify a good business essay? Teachers are different and have various approaches to such written tasks. And if one likes the paper and puts a high grade, another can put a lower one. 

The thing is, teachers have special rubrics that help them evaluate and mark learners’ works. They vary from one academic institution to another. However, some attributes remain unchangeable. And based on them, we will provide you with practical and straightforward tips to help with business essay

Study The Question

First and foremost, you have to determine what the topic requires you to do. Read the prompt carefully and analyze the wording. Usually, business essays are oversaturated with words like compare, interpret, discuss, illustrate, describe, examine, review, or explain. Depending on them, you will have to stick to a specific strategy. For instance, if the essay question is “discuss how the Internet boosted e-Commerce after the pandemic’s rapid spike,” you know that the word discuss is the trigger. It signalizes that you have to find the arguments showing that the Internet helped e-Commerce surge and demonstrating that it is not valid.

Nowadays, professors allow students to come up with personal topics. If your educator sticks to the same strategy, you should focus on something you are interested in. This way, the entire writing sessions will be more pleasant and fruitful. You can sketch several ideas and then decide which one is the most accurate and pertinent to the class. 

Invest Time In Researching The Topic

Many writers claim the pre-writing stage and researching to be more important than actual writing. Whether it is true or not, research is vitally important if you want to write a peerless business essay. Since we all have to remain indoors for our safety, going to libraries is not the best option, even though some of them are open. So, how to research if you can’t leave your house? The Internet is the answer. 

The World Wide Web offers the bulk of online libraries, journals, and repositories you can employ at any time of the day. You don’t have to jeopardize your life and go out to find an article. Indeed, sometimes searching for a specific book or journal may be time-consuming. Coupled with a wide range of unreliable web pages and fake sources, looking for a relevant article tends to be a real pain in the neck. 

However, your searches may be much more abundant if you know where to look. Focus on academic web pages, such as Google Scholar, AcademiaEdu, or JSTOR. You may also consider using Financial Times and similar web pages when writing case studies and other reports. If you find something useful for your topic, take some notes and label the pages for further use. When citing directly or paraphrasing, remember to give credit to the author.

You can get rid of this fear of Writing (reproducing in your own words, the relationship between foreign and own and the corresponding marking including fear of plagiarism) you can always use a paraphrasing tool

Outline The Paper

Once you have researched the topic and found a necessary number of sources (one source per page), it is time to put some preliminary ideas on paper. An outline is a great way to create a plan for the essay. Not only does it help to remain organized, but it also enables you to save time writing the entire piece.

Make sure your plan is neither large nor too short. You can write a couple of sentences for the introduction, a topic sentence for every body paragraph, and several sentences for the conclusion to make your layout useful and condensed. When you have it, it is time to write the first draft.

Follow The Right Structure

Usually, an essay comprises an introduction, the main part, the conclusion, and the reference list. These are fundamental elements you can’t avoid. In case your paper is over 2000 words, your professor may ask you to write a synopsis. A synopsis is similar to an executive summary of a report. It is written after the essay has been done and gives an overview of the main argument. A synopsis is always crafted on a separate page and put before the essay. 

Many students find every part difficult and confusing. So it would be reasonable to examine them at a broader scope:

  • Introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph. It has an opening sentence, background information, and a thesis statement. In the introduction, you have to provide the reader with the topic by:

  1. Explaining the importance of the question
  2. Giving a context
  3. Expressing a clear stance that correlates with the question
  4. Showing ideas that you will further develop
  • Body

Considering the essay’s word count, you may have to write more or fewer body paragraphs. Nonetheless, every section has a topic sentence, an argument with an example and explanation, and a transition. The body serves to:

  1. Remind the reader about the thesis statement
  2. Explain one point from a thesis statement
  3. Back up an example with robust evidence
  4. Explain the argument
  • Conclusion

A conclusion has one or two paragraphs. When writing the conclusion, you have to:

  1. Rephrase the thesis statement
  2. Wrap up the essay’s main content and prove it is logical and answers the question
  3. Suggest implications or areas for further exploration
  4. Avoid adding any new information
  • Reference List

Ensure adding everything you have used when writing a business essay. A reference list must be on a separate page and contain sources listed alphabetically according to the author’s name. Chicago is a prevalent formatting style for business essays. 

However, every educational institution may require using any other referencing style. Clarify with your teacher which one you have to follow before writing the essay.

Post-Writing Stage Is Essential

Once you have a written essay, you have to check it thoroughly. Editing and proofreading are vital and should always be the ultimate stage. So, read the paper once again and ask the following questions:

  1. Is it sufficient research? Does it reveal the topic and help to understand it?
  2. Have I identified the key issues?
  3. Is my stance clear in my response to the question?
  4. Is my introduction appealing?
  5. Have I presented my paragraphs in a logical order? 
  6. Does every section develop one single point?
  7. Have I provided a final answer to the question?
  8. Have I encapsulated the main points?
  9. Is my spelling error-free?
  10. Have I used the in-text and end-text citation correctly?

Answering the above questions, you will be able to evaluate whether you have written the essay and met all the standard requirements. You can also use additional tools, such as Hemingway and Grammarly, to polish your essay to shine.


The ability to write an excellent business essay helps students process much data and increases their chances of getting a higher average. Writing papers on business can often be long-lasting. However, you can reduce the time spent looking for credible sources and writing a flawless essay using the mentioned efficient and simple tips.

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