5 Business Ventures for Those Who Love Freedom

5 Business Ventures for Those Who Love Freedom


In the world, the average employee will work around 90,000 hours in their lifetime. With so much time spent at work, you owe it to yourself to find a career you’re passionate about. Unfortunately, many people become complacent in life and end up with unfulfilling jobs they don’t really care about. If you are bored of your mundane job and you’re looking for something that ignites your passion, look no further. Here are 5 business ventures that will help you feel free and alive.

1. Driver

Those with a penchant for driving may enjoy a job in the transportation or delivery sector. These gigs can include moving a variety of goods from one location to another, which could vary from groceries and meals to packages. In transportation, you can find work as a taxi driver. These types of roles are not only great for people who enjoy being behind a wheel – the hours are flexible and there is always a demand for drivers. Not to mention, you can begin earning almost immediately if you have your own car. Otherwise, businesses such as Cab Direct offer a huge range of high-quality cars that are perfect for taxiing customers around, you can do some research at

2. Writer

Another great gig that gives you the freedom to choose your own hours is writing. Wordsmiths who enjoy crafting creative content will find a career in writing particularly satisfying. As a freelance writer, you could find yourself creating copy for businesses, ghostwriting books or writing editorial pieces for magazines. You can also create your own website and become a blogger. Just make sure you’re passionate about what you write. In addition to writing your own blog, you can create blog posts for other people too. This gives you the chance to write about a number of topics.

3. Virtual Assistant

If you are well organized, you have excellent communications skills and you have a knack for admin, becoming a virtual assistant could be the ideal business venture for you. Virtual assistants, or VAs are simply personal assistants who are based online. As a VA, your duties can vary depending on who you work for. In general, you can find yourself providing administrative support, such as answering calls, data entry and scheduling. However, some virtual assistants might also take charge of bookkeeping tasks, post on social media or write content for business websites. Not only is this role fantastic for those who don’t want to be confined to an office, it is suitable for people with basic qualifications who want more experience in certain fields.

4. Consultant

People with years of industry experience or in-depth knowledge in a specific subject can find lucrative work as a consultant. By providing a top-quality service, you have the ability to choose different types of projects, and you can earn more too.

5. Dog Walker

Dog-lovers can turn their passion into a career by offering a dog walking service. Studies suggest that dogs can have a positive effect on mental health, physical health, and they can also help you become more sociable too. As a dog walker, you will have the pleasure of being around dogs all day long, and you can pick your own hours too.

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