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Byron Yawn


Byron Yawn pastor is a former pastor who is also the CEO of a consulting firm that is currently operating in Tennessee, USA. Yawn is also the target of a lawsuit that was brought by Ben Zobrist, a former Major League Baseball player. 

Who Is Byron Yawn And Why Is He Linked With The Divorce Of Ben Zobrist? 

Byron Yawn is a former pastor that used to work at the Community Bible Church in Nashville, USA.

While he was at the church, he met Ben Zobrist and Julianna, the wife of Zobrist. Later on, Zobrist accused Yawn of having an affair with Julianna and would file for a divorce. The lawsuit also claims that Yawn was involved in defrauding Zobrist’s charity. 

Zobrist is a two time World Series champion, who ended up taking 4 months off from the Chicago Cubs during the 2019 season to address the problems that he was having with his marriage. 

The lawsuit of Zobrist said that he lost nearly $8 million in income. 

Despite taking some time off from baseball in 2019, Zobrist did not learn of the affair that the pastor had with his wife until the following year. 

Zobrist and Julianna got married in 2005 and have 3 children. The lawsuit against the pastor states that Zobrist donated a large amount of money to the Community Bible Church. Zobrist also gave the family of Yawn up to $15,000 for a pastoral trip. 

6 Facts About Byron Yawn 

  • Byron Yawn started his career as a lead consultant at Empower Healthcare.
  • He was a former pastor at the Community Bible Church.
  • He has served as the CEO at the McGowan and Associates. 
  • Yawn is no longer a member of the Community Bible Church. 
  • Byron Yawn is currently the founder and CEO of the Forrest Crain and Company. 
  • Byron currently has a net worth of around $2million to $3million. 

Basic Information About Byron Yawn 

Full Name Byron Yawn
Age 40 years old to 45 years old
Profession Pastor,  Entrepreneur, and CEO of Forrest Crain and Co
Date Of Birth Between 1976 to 1981
Place Of Birth Mississippi, United States of America
Current Residence Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
Education Graduate (course not known)
Net Worth $3 million USD
Height 5ft 8in
Weight 75 kilograms
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Nationality American
Religion Christian

Frequently Asked Questions About Byron Yawn 

How Old Is Byron Yawn? (As of 2021)

Byron Yawn was born in 1981 in Mississippi, USA. The exact date of his birth is not known, however, he is currently 40 years old. 

Who Are The Parents And Siblings Of Byron Yawn?

There is no information available about the parents and siblings of Byron Yawn. 

Who Is The Wife And Children Of Byron Yawn?

Byron Yawn is married to Robin Yawn. The couple joined the Community Bible Church in 2001 and got married later on. Robin and Byron are the parents of Lauren Yawn, Wade Yawn, and Blake Yawn. 

Did Byron Yawn Have An Affair With Julianna Zobrist? 

According to numerous reports, Ben Zobrist, a Chicago Cubs player, filed a lawsuit against Byron Yawn. In the lawsuit, Yawn is accused of having a sexual relationship with Julianna Zobrist, the wife of Ben, and defrauding the Zobrist’s charity foundation. 

Ben and Julianna reportedly met at the Community Bible Church in Nashville. The 2 started their affair in the beginning of August 2018. In May 2019, Robin, the wife of Byron, discovered the prepaid mobile telephones from Byron, which he was using to communicate with Julianna. 

Is Byron Yawn still married?

There is no official confirmation if Byron Yawn and Robin are still together or if Robin has walked out of their marriage. Answers about Byron Yawn being married will be revealed amidst the Zobrist divorce case. 

Who Is Robin Yawn? 

Robin Yawn is the childhood sweetheart of Byron. They both grew up down the street from each other.  A biography on the website for Hope Church said that Robin and Byron “were high school sweethearts and had the special blessing of coming to faith during the same period of their lives.” 

The couple have 3 kids, Lauren, Wade, and Blake. 

Robin Yawn works as a Nurse Case Manager at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, particularly in the Neuromuscular Division. 

Is Byron Yawn Still A Member Of The Church?

Byron Yawn is no longer part of the Community Bible Church. 

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