Know-How A Call Centre Software can Help in Relationship Management

Know-How A Call Centre Software can Help in Relationship Management

Managing customer relationships is critical to an organization’s success. Whether it is answering customer queries or letting them know about new services/offers and resolving any problems, customer service is an indispensable part of any business ecosystem. 

Your business might have poor customer relationships because of ineffective or inadequate customer service. To prevent any escalations, you must ensure that clients get the quality of service they are looking for. You should monitor and assess each customer’s experience and bring in new processes or programs that will ensure better results in terms of customer satisfaction.

This means that improving customer experience is a continuous process and being consistent with it shows dedication. One way to do that is with call center software.

Now, you may ask, what is call center software?

Call center software is the future of business communication. With the help of customer service software for call center, agents can connect with customers for inbound calls or outbound calls. Thus, making way for enhanced customer relationship management for the organization. There was a time when businesses used to outsource such services. However, with the advent of technology and innovation, brands like KENT have come up with advanced call center software called KENT CamCall, with which a business can maintain its customer service operations in-house.

Here we will explain some features of KENT CamCall that can improve your organizations’ relationship management capabilities: 

  • App Less Ecosystem:

This call center software requires no app installation and works with most web-browsers. You just have to scan the QR code. It means that agents or customers can call from anywhere and anytime. 

How can a customer initiate the call?

  • First, they have to scan the QR code from the newspaper ads, POPs, etc.
  • Next, they will have to click-to-call through an integrated widget on your website or initiate calls via your brand app.

Also, there is no need to schedule any call with the customer care agents, and the customers can initiate a call directly via the web-link. It helps in building a great relationship, and the customers can get their issues resolved at any time.

  • Video Calling:

Previously, all inbound calls were voice calls. However, this call center software is one step ahead. It offers a more personalized experience with virtual face-to-face meetings, leading to higher engagement between agents and customers. Giving a face to the voice helps build better human connections. 

  • Sharing of Presentations

Usually, agents try to fix any issues the customer may have over a voice call; however, it sometimes can get challenging to understand them properly. For example, if the customer is calling regarding the functioning of a product with a complex working, the agent might not be able to explain everything on a voice call. This is where smart call center software solves your problems. 

KENT CamCall lets your agents share AV content with customers to understand a service or product better and solve their queries. It also helps organizations get more out of their up-selling and cross-selling efforts. 

Hence, it’s safe to conclude that opting for such a call center software can help you build relations with new customers and improve the connection with the existing ones. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this new call center software to find out how it can help you. You can also ask for a free demo to understand the specifications.

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