Can we use a Smart TV without an Internet Connection?

Smart TV

The short answer is yes. Without an internet connection, you can use your smart TV as a normal LED TV but without an internet connection you will miss many amazing services.

Not only smartphones and computers work on an operating system; thanks to advanced technology best LED TV are also being smart with time. Each manufacturer chooses which one to integrate into their models, but always with something in common: they allow access to the Internet and a wide range of applications and games. So we will distinguish what services you would miss if you don’t have an Internet Connectivity.

Surfing the Internet

One of the basic principles of a Smart TV is its ability to connect to the Internet, either via WiFi or ethernet cable. Therefore, the most basic use we can make as configured is to open the browser and start visiting our favorite websites. You will never have seen them that way: with such a large and spectacular screen. Navigation is simple and comfortable thanks to the controls that usually incorporate a movement pointer system or through a trackpad. Some TV models, such as Philips, include a full keyboard for faster typing.

Watch YouTube videos

All Smart TVs come with a native app for enjoying YouTube videos. This means that we have at our disposal the largest catalog of online videos. From shorts to video clips to the famous content recorded by YouTubers. 

A tip: log in with your Google account so you can save your favorite channels in lists to enjoy what you like the most in an organized way. Very useful to listen to music or waste hours watching funny videos of all kinds. A very simple way to expand television as we know it.

Listen to your favorite music

Surely we have ever used the DVD player to listen to music on TV. If you are one of those, or simply want to enjoy your favorite groups, you should know that you can also do it on a Smart TV and in a much simpler way. Spotify, a streaming music service, works on televisions and we can listen to a huge catalog of songs. To facilitate access, we can classify it into playlists of all kinds. There are also other applications such as Gaana or YouTube itself.

View computer content wirelessly

All Smart TVs include WiFi connectivity. As we have seen, it is used to connect to the Internet but we can also take advantage of it, through WiFi Direct, to send content such as photos or videos. Very useful, although we always have the alternative of the HDMI cable. If we want speed, and we do not mind having a cable, it is a good option but if we want the ultimate experience, it is worth spending a little time to configure it and be able to do everything through WiFi.

Duplicate the mobile screen

In addition to being able to duplicate the computer screen, we can also do it with our mobile phone. The only thing we need is that both our smartphone and the TV are connected to the same WiFi network. Of course, this trick is only valid for Android.

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