Car Rental options on your Big Day

Car Rental options on your Big Day

Great cars

Cars of this class – this is top engineering for a comfortable ride. Excellent cars are thought out to the smallest detail, everything is secured in them so that nothing distracts passengers from a pleasant journey. The interior of such a car is necessarily equipped with air conditioning, spacious interior and soft comfortable, spacious seats. And the driving characteristics of a luxury car will allow you to forget about the roughness of the traffic surface.

Typical representatives of cars of this class are Mercedes, Toyota, AUDI, BMW, Chrysler sedans, which have long proved to be the best.

These limousines are almost ideal for weddings, because their dimensions are not as uncomfortable as those limousines, which allow these cars to maneuver better. On the other hand, performance cars are in no way inferior to sedans in terms of comfort.

The only downside to executive cars is that probably not all guests will fit in one car and you will have to rent two cars for that. Limousine rental can cost from $ 25 to $ 50 per hour.

The most popular wedding cars: business cars

Cars of this class, as its name suggests, are intended exclusively for businessmen. Therefore, such cars will emphasize the high status of the owner and create the most comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, a business car will be very suitable for a wedding celebration. And the elegant look and austerity of the shape of the car will come to the aid of the groom on such an important festive day.

Creating business class cars, process engineers use the most advanced technologies and design solutions. With all the variety of advantages of such cars, they have virtually no disadvantages. That is why it is advisable to choose just such a car for your wedding procession.

Renting a business class car (Mercedes, Toyota, AUDI, BMW, Nissan, and Volvo) will cost you from $ 15 to $ 40 per hour. A Toronto limousine Service could cost you 100 to several 100 dollars but it is worth, all it demands is your pocket and how much swag do you want. 

Commercial cars

Cars of this class are generally cheap domestic cars or cheap foreign cars. Of course, the low price of the car entails low comfort for the passengers inside the cabin. Economy cars have a very spacious interior, not too high suspension, which affects the smoothness of the car. And the air conditioning in the economy class cars is practically not installed.

But despite all the above disadvantages, economy class cars have a very significant advantage, which consists in the cost of renting such a car. Thus, economical cars are very popular among those who are limited in the means of citizens. So, it is possible to find a decent option at a reasonable price (for example, Opel, Skoda or Daewoo). Renting an economical car can cost about $ 10 an hour.

Retro cars

A retro car will surely attract a lot of attention to your wedding. So a well-restored car, an analog car from the 30s-60s, can become a great decoration for a wedding celebration.

In addition, in restored retro cars the resemblance to the original is usually only external. Inside, retro cars have an improved, comfortable interior, car engines are modern, and the chassis is well modernized. True, the interior of the car is not too spacious and not too cramped. Renting a retro car can cost $ 15-70 an hour.

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