Case Erectors – How They Can Turn Out To Be a Valuable Asset

Case Erectors – How They Can Turn Out To Be a Valuable Asset

Case erectors are better known as box-makers in the packaging industries. This machine takes a folded cardboard box and builds/erects it. After squaring up the box, it seals the bottom to make it ready for packing goods. There are a lot of standard sets of information floating across the web that talk about the design, builds, and functionalism of a case erector. However, something is always overlooked, and it’s about the law of unintended consequences. Knowing this may significantly help in boosting the productivity of any manufacturing unit and help turn case erectors into their valuable assets.

A few Words on the Law of Unintended Consequences

It’s not always necessary that case erectors will guarantee increased productivity. It requires proper planning and consideration to make the most out of them. The law of unintended consequences states the same. When case erectors are used in the wrong ways, they tend to be counterproductive.

What Causes a Bottleneck?

There are a lot of factors that can affect case erectors’ performance. The list includes a degree of wrap, storage, temperatures, humidity, and more. Additionally, the manufacturing quality of the case erectors also works as their performance determiner. It controls the depth of scoreline, dimensional accuracy, thickness, and other vital aspects.

When any performance determiner works adversely, the machine loses its ability to produce precise cases and may even get jammed. In addition, relentless cost pressures and sustainability concerns may call for the necessity of using Thinner, recycled corrugated.

The latest generation cases somehow raise the said environmental barriers that case erectors are continuing to face since time unknown. This, somehow, leads to decreased production and increased machine jams.

Overcoming The Problem – The Best Way Outs

If something is not hard to perform, it never means that it’s impossible to execute. The latest generation case erectors are somehow managing to overcome the stated challenges. They are producing square cases without impacting the productivity gains. This is becoming possible because of the following reason.

The Designers of the Modern Era Case Erectors Are Knowledgeable and Experienced.

A modern-day machine with a case erector can perform its job more efficiently because its designers are well-acquainted about the strengths and weaknesses of corrugated. They are successfully developing machines that can overcome environmental variations. They force the case erectors to open optimally, making them capable of creating square and rigidly sealed boxes.

Success Lies in Preparation

The safe case rectors should hold ten percent better capacity compared to the primary production line. Here Murphy’s Law comes into play that states – “If something goes wrong, it will.” This is an eternal fact, which can’t be changed at any cost. So, it’s only the preparation that can play the role of the savior. The preparation should be done considering the following scenarios.

  • Tape changes
  • Changes in the size of the cases.
  • Tape breaks
  • Downstream/upstream issues
  • Power outages.

Case Erectors and Case Sealers are Not the Same

Though they sound similar, they are not the same. Case erectors are meant for making boxes and handling their primary sealing. On the other hand, case sealers are dedicated to the sealing job.

While a case sealer can make a box with basic sealing, the case sealers can cause the sealing more rigid and secure. A case erector can act as a holistic solution provider. However, a case sealer’s job is only sealing. In a one-liner, it can be said that case sealers act as the performance booster for the case erectors by adding the desired touch of perfection to their job.

Considering the quality of the production, it’s worth investing both in case erectors and case sealers. When they work combinedly, they ensure a better quality of the product that generates real value.


Sound implementation methodology and feasible planning can turn a case erector into a true asset, omitting the chance of labeling them as bottlenecks. If they’re deployed precisely, they can turn out to be real productivity boosters. In addition, it can act as an effective cost and damage reducer. This eventually increases the efficiency of the supply chain and helps deliver the desired value by significantly increasing profitability.

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