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Why is playing so important?

Traditionally, people have the concept of “prosperity in diligence and lack of play”. Most of them adopt a derogatory and negative attitude towards “play.” There are many positive and important influences on development and knowledge learning. In 2007, a study by the University of North Carolina in the United States found that children who played… Read More »

Is an IB School the Right Choice for your Child?

School education is the primary topic of concern for most parents. It is important because a high school education is no longer an achievement but a stepping stone to a successful or even moderately comfortable life. As a parent, you do everything from research to enquiring other parents about how to pick the right school.… Read More »

Should You Return to School for a Graduate Degree in Education?

Should You Go to Graduate School? If you are considering earning your master’s degree in education, you may wonder if the benefits to your career will outweigh the time and financial commitment. Many teachers work happily in the classroom for years with an undergraduate degree, but the lure of earning your master’s is always out… Read More »

Financial Guide for your Australian Student Visa

Getting accepted by the University of your Preference is only the first step in fulfilling your dream of studying in Australia. What lies beyond the extensive application process is equally important – the financial formalities that go with the visa application for Australia. When completing your online visa application form, you will be required to… Read More »

What Apps Can Help Study for CLEP Exams

Commonly, students require assignment help with their homework. However, they also require help with certain exams and CLEP exam is one of them. This exam consists of the multiple-choice section and two compulsory essays. Both essays are evaluated separately. This exam isn’t that easy to withstand and so, many students leave online questions similar to… Read More »